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Experiencing Neck Stiffness? Relief Tips for How to Fix a Stiff Neck

Your eyes blink open in the morning. You’re ready to start the day. But first, coffee. No problem, you’ll just roll ...
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Attention Side Sleeper: Here are the Best Practices & Side Sleeping Positions

Are you a side sleeper? You’re not alone. As it turns out, the majority of adults prefer to sleep on one side. In te...
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Sleeping on Your Back: Learn the Pros and Cons of Being a Back Sleeper

If you crawl into bed and your go-to position is sleeping on your back (also called supine), it turns out, you’re in a...
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Sleeping Positions: The Ultimate Guide to Sleep Posture & Poses

Do you sleep like a baby or a soldier at night? Or maybe you freefall like a skydiver into your mattress at bedtime....
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Your Guide to Finding the Best Position to Sleep

From the “log” to the “starfish” to the “soldier,” there all sorts of clever names to describe sleeping posi...
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10 Reasons to Get a Weighted Blanket for Adults

Your favorite Instagram accounts are touting weighted blankets… but do they work? Or are they just another fad that wi...
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Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattresses: Differences and Benefits of Each

Getting a good night’s sleep is worth a million bucks. Or, at least it feels that way. When you turn over and real...
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Do Weighted Blankets Really Work?

Gwyneth’s blog isn’t the only publication recommending weighted blankets for anxiety and restless sleep. Everyo...
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At-Home Hacks to Relieve Persistent Sciatic Pain

Purchasing the best mattress for lower back pain can really increase your quality of life. It’s hard to really unde...
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Mattress Madness: Best Memory Foam Mattress Picks

Do you have your basketball bracket filled out for March Madness? We love a good bracket too, especially when it comes ...

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