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It’s more than
a mattress.

When you sleep better, you feel better. You have more energy to take on the day. To make smoothies. To find the most flattering selfie angle. To be your best you.

And at night, you need the perfect situation to let your body and mind reset and recharge. Sweet dreams.

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Here’s what our customers think.

Layla Review
Honestly the greatest mattress I’ve ever slept on. Will never buy a different brand ever again. Layla for life!
Eric Pino
Layla Review
I was having horrible back pain and no mattress or pillow seemed to do the trick. With my Layla mattress, the pain is all but gone! On top of that, their pillow puts me into a deep sleep.
Sebastian Fraye
Layla Review
The Layla mattress foam topper was the perfect addition to my bedroom. Every night feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud!
Didem Carrissimo
Layla Review
Forget about the sleep?! After a good night’s rest on a Layla mattress, I have loads of energy for the next day! I’m awake to life that’s for sure.
Zach Charters
Layla Cooler Cleaner

Cooler and cleaner with copper.

Copper is the ultimate multi-tasker. As one of the most conductive elements on the planet, it sucks away heat and sends it off to a far away land. Our copper gel is also naturally anti-microbial. So no matter what, your mattress will remain fresh as a daisy.

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Two sides. Soft or Firm.

The Layla memory foam mattress offers two different sides, allowing you to choose how you like it. It’s like buy one — get one free. With amazing motion transfer control and minimal bounce, our unique copper gel infused foam molds to your body and is ready to support all of your nocturnal activities.

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Soft Firm