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7 Tips for Getting Rid of Pain in the Morning

Posted By: Layla

Do you often wake up with a pain in your neck and stiff shoulders? What about hip and body aches? If waking up in pain has become a normal part of your day, it’s time to start expecting a higher quality of life.

7 Tips for Getting Rid of Pain in the Morning

The answer to improving your life may be as simple as seeking out the best mattress for back pain. Not to mention a pillow that doesn’t look like it went under a concrete roller. On top of buying bedding that treats your body right, you should establish better sleep habits. Hint: If you always fall asleep on the couch watching reruns of “Bones,” you’ll pay the price in the morning. 

Here are some tips on how to get rid of that morning pain. It may begin with the best foam mattress, but it also includes changing your morning routine. Yeah, sitting in bed leaned over your cell phone for 15 minutes isn’t doing your neck any favors.  

1. Buy the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Is the culprit for your morning pain the mattress you’re sleeping on? For a lot of people, the answer is “Oh, you mean that spring that pokes me in the hip isn’t great?” 

Most traditional mattresses sag, bend, and develop uncomfortable lumps over time. If you’re consistently waking up with any sort of body pain, the first step to correcting the issue is to interrogate the state of your bed. The best mattress for back pain is one that conforms to your body while offering ample support. 

A good mattress for pain management will also keep you comfortable. Tossing and turning all night does a real number on the ole’ lumbar region. Copper-infused memory foam directs heat away from your body all night. When you don’t have to wake up to throw the comforter off, you can stay in that REM cycle longer.  

2. Adjust Your Sleeping Position for Hip and Lower Back Pain 

Even with the best mattress for back pain on your side, you may still experience some serious aches if you’re not sleeping in the right position. For instance, if you have general lower back aches, try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs. This keeps your spine aligned throughout the night and could single-handedly change the way you feel in the morning. 

Here are some other tips for sleeping positions, based on pain points. 

If you have a herniated disc, try sleeping in a loose fetal position on a memory foam mattress. calls Layla Mattress one of the best for people with this common condition

For all-body fibromyalgia pain, you may experience pain by staying in the same position for too long. Try starting out in the fetal position or on your back with a pillow beneath your knees. Having the best mattress for back pain can also aid in relieving other pressure points. 

If you experience hip pain, try resting on your back with a pillow under your lower back and knees for extra support.  

3. Use a Different Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain 

Is your pain concentrated on your upper back and neck? There’s nothing like waking up feeling like you had a tiny man hammering away at the back of your skull all night! Just kidding, literally anything is better than that. Just as the best mattress for back pain gets two thumbs up from us, the best pillow for neck pain gets a gold star as well

A memory foam pillow provides all the support you need for any sleeping position. 

If you’re sleeping on your side using a flat pillow, your neck will tilt down toward the bed. With a copper-infused memory foam mattress, the pillow naturally rises to fill the gap between your shoulders and ear. 

If you sleep on your back, your neck may tend to tilt downward. It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping on the best mattress for back pain — an unsupportive pillow could still sabotage your sleep. 

The simple measure of buying a new pillow can make a huge difference in sleep quality and pain management. If you’re suffering from shoulder and neck pain that bring major headaches, put yourself out of your misery and buy a new pillow now!

4. De-Stress Before Falling Asleep for Pressure Relief 

Whether you have fibromyalgia, lumbar pain, or chronic headaches, one truth remains constant: falling asleep while your body is super tense leads to an uncomfortable night. Your morning self will thank you if you take care of yourself the night before

Not sure where to get started? Take these tips for calming down at bedtime and run with the ones that work. 

  • Put the phone away. This one hurts, so we thought we’d get it out of the way. As fun as it is to cyber stalk your high school nemesis before dozing off — it could increase electrical activity in your brain and make it harder to get any rest. 
  • Use scents to wind down. It might sound hippy-dippy, but a whiff of lavender or eucalyptus right before bed can turn your mind off and relax your body. Coupled with the dreaming atop the best mattress for back pain, some mild aromatherapy may do wonders.
  • Lay on your back and breathe deep. Simulating your sleep breathing sends the message to your brain that it’s time to switch to rest mode. If you find your mind reeling at the end of a long day, your muscles are probably tighter than you even realize. Tricking your brain into relaxing by breathing deeply could also aid in muscle relaxation.  
  • Create a cloud experience. The Layla Mattress is made of layered memory foam, which makes it feel like you’re laying on a cloud of cotton candy. Sinking into the best mattress for back pain will ease your mind to la-la-land faster than you can say “Why is this weird clown in my dream?”

5. Stop Falling Asleep on the Couch to Help Overall Pain

There ain’t no binge like a Netflix binge cause a Netflix binge don’t stop until the credits get super loud and wake you up.  

We’re all guilty of falling asleep on the couch and then shuffling off to bed after midnight. But what this does for your ability to catch up on “The Crown” it costs you in morning aches and pains. Start going to bed earlier so you don’t doze off with your head on a lumpy throw pillow.  

There’s no reason to shop for the best mattress for back pain if you’re not gonna use it, right? 

6. Warm Your Joints Right Away to Eliminate Body Aches 

OK, so you did the best you could to eliminate your aches and pains. You have the best mattress for back pain that money could buy and your pillow is an upgrade. 

You even meditated before you went to bed. You’re getting serious about this stuff.

The bottom line is that you could still wake up with some small aches and pains in the morning. But there are some easy pain management solutions to complement your new bedding.

Taking a hot shower is one option that’s easy, enjoyable, and (hopefully) on your to-do list for the day anyway. If you’re a night showerer, consider changing your routine to shower in the morning. Warming your joints under hot water soothes your core and your extremities. Plus, you can get in some good thinking time before you have to check your email.  

7. Begin Your Day with Stretching to Heal Whole-Body Pain 

Taking a hot shower isn’t the only way to turn your day around. What the best mattress for back pain can’t heal, you may be able to relieve with a bit of strategic stretching. 

Talk to your doctor about targeting specific pain points if you’re worried about how to stretch without over-extending yourself. In the meantime, some low-intensive stretches are a good place to begin. 

As you get out of bed, stretch your arms to the ceiling and arch your back.

Lean over and put your palms parallel to the floor — don’t worry about touching the ground. Just bend over as far as is comfortable. 

Kneel on the ground and stretch your arms and body forward until your palms are flat on the floor; let your forehead touch the ground. This is often called “child’s pose” and it’s a low-pressure way to get in a good stretch.  


Aging is inevitable. Pain doesn’t have to be. With the best mattress for back pain on your side and some better sleep habits, you can nip a lot of your aches and pains in the bud. At Layla Sleep, we believe the Layla Mattress is the best mattress for back pain. 

Layla’s copper-infused mattress has a firm side and a soft side, so you can flip it to the side that alleviates more pain. Whether you’re dealing with job-related lumbar pain or a chronic condition, there’s no reason to accept pain as a part of your morning routine. Get your hands on the best mattress for back pain now!