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Blue Light: Your Device is Disrupting Your Sleep

Posted on April 11th, 2018

You may already be aware of the effects of sleep deprivation on your health and happiness.  While the effects can be subtle at first, you may eventually notice increased impulsiveness, difficulty concentrating, weight gain or chronic pain.  When you don’t get enough rest, life becomes a struggle. If you struggle to turn off your brain and fall asleep, you may have already tried some of the many recommended sleep solutions. You could be disappointed to discover that cutting back on caffeine or sticking to a sleep schedule are not the right solutions for everyone. Don’t give up yet; you could be holding the cause of your sleep issues in the palm of your hand.

Your Natural Sleep Cycle

Sleep is regulated by a fairly complex system. Your body responds to the natural progression of light and darkness to set your circadian rhythms, your sleep cycle. When the sun begins to set, your body starts producing melatonin, the hormone you need to help you fall asleep. Surprisingly, your electronic gadgets can interfere with the natural production of melatonin. That phone in your hand is more than a sleep distraction; it may be a sleep deterrent.

Modern Technology Interferes with Melatonin Production

The cause of your sleep struggle could be the light from your favorite electronic gadget. Your electronic devices emit blue light through their screens. This blue light is similar to natural sunlight, but more intense. Your electronic conveniences confuse your brain and interfere with your circadian rhythms. Some common blue light sources include:  

Blue Light Interferes with Your Sleep Cycle

Your brain and your body are geared to respond to a day/night cycle, but the blue light from your computer, cell phone or tablet signal your brain that it is time to be awake. Your natural production of melatonin won’t begin until your light exposure decreases. You may be one of the unfortunate blue light victims who lie awake for an hour or more before drifting off. You could be pleased to learn that a few simple modifications could help you fall asleep easier. Some suggested modifications include: Since your body relies on a dark/light cycle to regulate your sleep cycle, your exposure electronic gadgets could be keeping you from falling asleep and reducing the quality of the sleep you get. Increasing your natural sunlight exposure during the afternoon, decreasing your exposure to blue light and resisting the urge to use your devices in bed could help you drift off to sleep faster and sleep more soundly. When it’s time to replace your mattress, pillow or mattress topper, visit Layla online to see how our copper infused mattress can help you sleep cooler, cleaner and well supported. You can trust Layla to help you get a great night’s sleep.

0Cell phone in bed: blue light disrupts sleep cycle


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