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Love it or your money back. Period. No hassles, no return fees. If you are not getting the best sleep of your life, we will refund you 100% of every penny you paid.
We’re so sorry, but it looks like our Layla Toppers are currently unavailable in our Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and California King sizes. Unfortunately, we don’t know when exactly we’re going to have them back in stock. But we DO know that we’re working round the clock so you can get the best sleep possible, as soon as possible! Please check back soon.
We’re so sorry, but it looks like our Pet Beds are currently unavailable! Unfortunately, we don’t know when exactly we’re going to have them back in stock. But we DO know that we’re working round the clock so your fur baby can get the best sleep possible, as soon as possible! Please check back soon.

What Makes The Layla® Mattress Different?

The right mattress will not only allow you to get a good night’s sleep, it will help you work better, live better, and love better. Which is why choosing the best memory foam bed is such a big deal. It’s more important than your fantasy football draft, finding the right pair of jeans, or deciding between light or dark roast. Yes, that important. Because if you sleep better, you can do all those things better too.

The Layla® Mattress Is
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Layla 2 Beds in 1

2 Beds in 1

The Layla Mattress has two sides: one is plush, the other is firm. Simply flip it to the side that suits you best.

Layla Copper Infused Mattress

Copper Infused

Your body sweats and actually sheds throughout the night (eww). Copper keeps you cooler and cleaner by literally killing bacteria.

Layla Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Wake up feeling like a rock star, not like you slept on a rock. Copper infused support foam cradles your body evenly throughout the night.

Layla For Better Sleep

Better Sleep

The Layla Mattress is guaranteed to give you better sleep, which can be life-changing. Rest your body and mind, and see the difference in your day.

Unboxing just got more relaxing.

What if we told you the best memory foam bed came in a box small enough to fit on your doormat? Because it does. It’s called a mattress in a box, and it’s one of the great inventions of our time.

All of our mattresses are compressed, boxed, and packaged for delivery in a box you can easily carry to the bedroom without calling your neighborhood movers. All convenience, no compromise.

you’ll find standard sizes for our mattress in a box in our FAQS.

Casper Vs. Layla®

Both the Casper® Mattress and the Layla® Mattress offer different levels of support under different places of your body (namely your hips and shoulders) but we believe that Layla® is more personalized to you and how you sleep.

Layla® uses a special type of foam with tiny particles of copper infused throughout. These copper cells work together where the more the foam is compressed, the more they resist against each other to give better support. This means that wherever your body is pressing down into the mattress the most (usually the hips and shoulders) it gets the most support. The entire Layla® mattress constantly tailors its support to both your body and position throughout the night. We call this Variable Support, and we believe it’s the very best way to keep your body aligned, no matter your body type and sleeping style.

The Casper® Wave offers Zoned Support. It provides softer support at the top and bottom of the mattress and firmer support in the middle. This is intended to provide more support around your hips and shoulders, too, but those support areas are in specific parts of the mattress, or zones.

We believe the beauty of this world is that we are all different shapes and sizes, and we all sleep differently, so we’ve built a mattress that adjusts its support to you, whether you sleep straight up and down, sideways or all over the place.

Two sides Soft or Firm Mattress
Purple Vs. Layla®

Both Layla® and Purple use unique technology to give your sleep unique support. The Purple® Mattress has a layer of gel grid designed with open sections to keep you cool and provide support in places you need it. It’s pretty neat. But can it compete with copper?

Copper is cooling, supportive and antimicrobial. The copper-infused layers of a Layla® Mattress give you variable support - with more support given underneath the heavier parts of your body that press deeper into the mattress - and the copper particles actively wick excess heat away from your body while you sleep. And copper adds incredible antibacterial and antifungal protection to your nights.

Think of all the things you do on your bed. Think about the colds, the flus, the dead skin cells shedding all night - all that stuff makes its way into your mattress. Gross, right? Copper is the only naturally antimicrobial material proven to keep you and your mattress clean all night, every night. And it’s infused throughout the foam. There’s no air pockets, no places for germs to hide or bacteria to accumulate.

Nectar Vs. Layla®

Everyone wants to keep cool. A cooling mattress helps maintain an ideal body temperature while you sleep. Here at Layla® we do that by crafting each mattress with two layers of cooling technology. The cover features a thermogel finish to regulate temperature while the layers of the mattress have copper infused in the foam. Copper is one of the most conductive elements on Earth, meaning it likes to absorb heat. It’s scientifically proven, but all you feel is cool comfort all year long.

Nectar’s cover offers cooling properties too. Theirs is constructed from a top layer of Tencel fiber with gel memory foam underneath. Sure, Tencel is designed to be breathable and cooler than regular old cotton. But we think that’s more like not trapping in heat, rather than actively drawing the extra heat away from your body like our copper-infused fibers do.

Leesa Vs. Layla®

With all you do between work, family, and friends, the days can be long. The Layla® Mattress is specifically designed to let you recover and recharge for the next day, and the difference is copper. Copper is an essential mineral to human health. It’s in vegetables and nuts and helps rebuild our cells and give our bodies energy. In your mattress, it provides cooling and critical support to improve circulation, ease your joints and help your muscles rebuild and re-energize from the day’s activities. You wake up more refreshed and alert, with less pain, and ready for another day of being the best you, you can be.

The Leesa Mattress is a nice mattress, too. It’s firm, hypoallergenic, and provides airflow in the top layer to keep you cool. But copper? Nowhere to be seen. It’s a good mattress, but minus all the wonderful qualities of copper. And we believe that copper is what makes your bed more than a place to rest, it makes it a place to recover.


When it comes to mattresses, we kick the competition’s butt.
But don’t take our word for it.

Check out this easy comparison tool by Sleep Advisor.

ProductTypeFirmnessThickness (inches)CoolingEdge SupportMotion TransferResponseHug FeelSmellTrial (nights)WarrantyPrice (for a queen size)




  • tab-2_pngtab-2_png
  • nectar-1_jpgnectar-1_jpg
  • casper-1_jpgcasper-1_jpg
  • lull-1_jpglull-1_jpg
  • zenhaven-2_jpgzenhaven-2_jpg
  • dreamcloud-2_jpgdreamcloud-2_jpg
  • voila-1_jpgvoila-1_jpg
  • aviya-1_jpgaviya-1_jpg
  • saatva-1_jpgsaatva-1_jpg
  • purple-1_jpgpurple-1_jpg
  • leesa-1_jpgleesa-1_jpg
  • sapira-leesa-1_jpgsapira-leesa-1_jpg
  • nolah-1_jpgnolah-1_jpg
  • casperwave-1_jpgcasperwave-1_jpg
  • brooklynsignature-1_jpgbrooklynsignature-1_jpg
  • brooklynaurora_jpgbrooklynaurora_jpg
  • winkbeds-1_jpgwinkbeds-1_jpg
  • AlexanderHybrid-1_jpgAlexanderHybrid-1_jpg
tab-2_pngMemory FoamTwo sides (4/6)10GreatA-Very LowSlowSignificantNone120Lifetime$999nectar-1_jpgMemory Foam611GreatA-LowSlowBalancedNone365Lifetime$795casper-1_jpgFoam Combo69.5GreatA-LowFastBalancedSlight10010 years$950lull-1_jpgMemory Foam610GoodBLowMediumSlightModerate10010 years$800zenhaven-2_jpgLatex5 or 79AmazingA-LowFastBalancedSlight12020 years$1,799dreamcloud-2_jpgHybrid6 or 715AmazingALowMediumBalancedNone365Lifetime$1,599voila-1_jpgHybrid6 or 710GreatA-AverageFastBalancedSlight12010 years$999aviya-1_jpgHybrid3, 6 or 812GreatA-AverageFastBalancedSlight10010 years$999saatva-1_jpgCoil - Pillow - Top4, 6 or 812GreatAAverageVery FastBalancedNone12015 years$999purple-1_jpgHyperelastic Polymer610ExceptionalA-LowVery FastBalancedModerate10010 years$999leesa-1_jpgFoam Combo710GreatB+LowFastBalancedSlight12010 years$940sapira-leesa-1_jpgHybrid711GreatA-LowVery FastSlightSlight10010 years$1,475nolah-1_jpgFoam Combo510GoodB+LowMediumBalancedSlight12015 years$949casperwave-1_jpgFoam Combo4.5 or 5.511.5GreatB+LowMediumBalancedSlight10010 years$1,850brooklynsignature-1_jpgHybrid4, 6 or 811.5GreatB+LowFastBalancedModerate12010 years$949brooklynaurora_jpgHybrid3, 5 or 713.5ExceptionalALowMediumBalancedSlight12010 years$1,699winkbeds-1_jpgCoil - Pillow - Top6.515ExceptionalA+AverageVery FastBalancedNone12010 years$1,299AlexanderHybrid-1_jpgHybrid3, 4.5 or 8.513ExceptionalALowMediumSignificantSlight101Lifetime$1,199
This comparison tool is the intellectual property of DIGITALPOINT OU, an Estonian company, and is subject to change. For the most up to date version, please visit
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Others have asked...

We’re glad you asked. There are two main reasons why Layla® beats the competition. First, Layla® is flippable. Because there are two different firmness levels on either side of the mattress, it’s like getting 2 beds in 1. And second Copper Gel infusion is amazing and gives you a mattress that is cooler, cleaner, and more supportive. We also use high quality foam and fabric in the Layla Mattress, so you’re getting more for your money and a mattress that’s built to withstand years of nighttime activities.

Typically, the answer is yes. But keep in mind that an improper or worn out base or placing your mattress directly on the floor will impact the feel of the mattress significantly. Box springs are great if they are not worn or sagging. Slatted bases are fantastic as long as the slats are no more than 3" apart. And Layla® conforms perfectly to adjustable bases. If you have any questions about your base, check out the Layla® Foundation as a great example or feel free to start up a chat and ask us anything you want.

If you’re not satisfied with the mattress for any reason, simply send an email to with your order number and the reason for your return. We’ll then arrange for you to donate your gently used mattress to a local charity. Snap a picture of the donation receipt and send it to us. Once we receive the donation receipt, we will refund you in full. There are no fees deducted from your refund and you will receive 100% of your money back. Shipping fees to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska are non-refundable, but hey, if you live in such a cool place we’re sure you’ll see the glass as half full.

We offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty on all materials and workmanship. Why? Because we built your mattress to last. The warranty covers sagging of more than 1", loss of shape, splitting or cracking of the foam, and loss of mattress height. The warranty is non-transferable, so second hand Laylas, black market Laylas, and mysterious hand me downs are not covered.

Once you place your order, we get right to work on crafting your mattress which will take 3-5 business days. Once shipped, it will take anywhere from 2-5 business days to land at your doorstep, depending on where you are. We ship from Auburn, IN, so you can estimate based on your location and once your mattress ships, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number so you can check on it along the way.

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