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Your bedding makes up the accessories for your bed, helping you complete the overall look and feel of your sleeping sanctuary. From sheets to comforters, the fabrics you wrap yourself up in can make or break your sleeping routine. At Layla®, we have premier bedding to choose from, so you can achieve blissful sleep night after night.
Layla Kapok Pillow

Bedding from Layla® Sleep

Bedding from Layla Sleep will have you falling in love with sleep again. Bamboo sheets that are incredibly soft, silky, and supple. A down alternative comforter that wraps you like royalty in a 300 TC 100% all-cotton fabric. What more could you ask for? At Layla, we know a thing or two about sleep, and our bedding ensures you get the best slumber for a better you.
Layla Kapok Pillow
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Bedding FAQs

  • You spend a third of your life sleeping, which means you need quality bedding to ensure you get the proper Zzz’s every night. So, what bedding do you need? The last thing you want is to sleep directly on a mattress. Instead, you should outfit your mattress with bedding, such as a fitted sheet, top sheet, pillowcases, and a comforter. These are the basic bedding options most sleepers use to dress their bed. However, you can take your sleeping environment to the next level with additional bedding accessories, such as throw blankets, quilts, memory foam toppers, and mattress protectors.

    When it comes to bedding, choose what’s comfortable for you. After all, you’re the one spending the most time in your bed, so make sure you have the necessary bedding to improve your sleep.

  • After spending so much time dreaming in your bed, it’s bound to collect dirt, grease, and oils, which begs the question—can you wash your bedding? The short answer is, it depends. The longer answer? Check your bedding’s tag for care instructions. At Layla Sleep, we know the hassle that comes with washing bulkier items like bedsheets and comforters. That’s why all of our bedding is machine washable, so you can take care of your laundry right at home. Rather than going to a dry cleaner, simply toss your Bamboo Sheets or Down Alternative Comforter into the wash, use a non-bleach detergent, and wash on cold. Then, tumble dry on low heat. For more detailed care instructions, follow the directions on the product’s tag.

  • If you want a refreshing sleep night after night, it’s important to know how often to wash your bedding. Depending on the type of bedding you have, how often you wash can fluctuate. Below are some common rules of thumb for how often to washing bedding:

    • Sheets: Once a week
    • Pillowcases: Once a week
    • Duvet cover: Once every two weeks
    • Comforter: Once every few months

    These recommendations also vary depending on certain factors, such as whether you sleep with a pet or spill something on your bedding.

  • Thread count refers to the number of threads in each square inch of fabric. Typically, a higher thread count means a softer, smoother fabric. With that said, a good thread count lies anywhere between 200 and 500.

    Layla offers luxurious bedding options, with our Bamboo Sheets and Down Alternative Comforter both boasting a 300 thread count for premier comfort.