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Layla Down Alternative Comforter

Luxurious down alternative fill wrapped in a 300 TC 100% cotton fabric.

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A comforter that is bird friendly & down feely.

The Layla® Down Alternative Comforter.
The plush feeling of down, without the guilt.

Indulge in pure luxury and put yourself to bed like the royalty you are.
The Layla Comforter is a down alternative wrapped in 300 TC 100% All-Cotton fabric.
Down alternative means you get all the amazing feel of down,
without harming any birds. Your feathered friends thank you, good
looking out - quack!
White comforter folded up

Love it. Guaranteed.

Try it for a few nights. If you don’t love it, return it for a refund.
Two baby ducks on a gray comforter
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Down Alternative Comforter FAQs

  • Typically a comforter is quilted with evenly distributed filling and does not require a cover. A duvet is an insert that typically requires a cover. The great news is that we engineered the Layla Comforter to work as both! You can certainly use a duvet cover if you’d like, but the Layla Comforter works fantastic as a comforter without a cover as well.

  • No! We engineered the Layla Comforter to work as both a duvet and a comforter! You can certainly use a duvet cover if you’d like, but the Layla Comforter works perfectly as a comforter without a cover.

  • Yes! We designed the Layla Comforter with corner loops on all four corners for ease of securing to a duvet cover. Please check our Product Specifications and make sure your duvet cover is the same size as your Layla Comforter to ensure a proper fit.

  • Fill power is the amount of space taken by a single piece of down for its weight. Typically, the higher the fill power, the higher the loft potential. Greater fill power means a more lofty comforter. Because the Layla Comforter uses a down alternative fill that closely mimics feathers, the comforter’s fill power can be accurately measured using this scale.

    Fill Power Test (Nerd Alert!):This test is typically done by filling a large cylinder with one ounce of down alternative material. A lightly weighted disk is placed on top, and begins to slowly sink and compress the down. After exactly one minute, the position of the disk is recorded and the volume of down compressed at that point is calculated. A result of 700 cubic inches of down equates to 700-fill-power down.

  • No. The more compressed the fill gets during a fill power test (see the FAQ “What is Fill Power?”) the less lofty it will be. A fill power of 700 means you have a highly resilient down alternative material that does not easily compress and will remain lofty. If high fill power is paired with high volume of fill, it could get too hot. But we tested this extensively and found that a 700 fill power combined with 10 oz. of fill volume was the perfect pairing to keep your comforter feeling great - Warm when you need it but never too hot.

  • We offer the Layla Comforter in three sizes that will conveniently fit most beds. The three sizes are:Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King/California King.

  • Machine Wash Cold. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble Dry Low using large capacity machine, additional drying cycles may be required.

  • Twin/Twin XLFull/QueenKing/Cal King
    Dimensions:66"x 90" 90"x 90" 104"x 90"
    Weight: 5.6 lbs 7 lbs 9 lbs

  • 100% cotton shell 300 TC

  • 100% down alternative "Cluster Loft"fill

  • USA

  • China

  • 30 Night Trial-100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 5 Years

  • Machine Wash Cold | Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed | Tumble Dry Low using large capacity machine, additional drying cycles may be required