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The Layla® Bed Frame
The Best bed frame you'll ever own.

The Layla® Bed Frame is modern and discreet, fitting in with any bedroom décor. It features high-quality solid steel rails with tapered composite legs: like the legit piece of furniture that it is. You can easily put this foundation bed frame together in under a minute with no tools required (or Swedish furniture store instructions with confusing drawings). It forms a sleek, sturdy base that can hold a literal ton without noise or motion transfer. So toss, turn, bounce — or do whatever you do in bed — the Layla® frame will hold up and never let you down. The best beds are built on a strong foundation, so don’t mess around with a dinky frame when you can get a Layla® Bed Frame.

Zero Motion

Crafted from solid steel rails, the Layla® Bed Frame can hold up to 2500 lbs with zero motion transfer and zero noise. Go ahead hold a party on your bed with all of your nearest and dearest. The frame won’t budge or make noise.


Super Strong & Durable

The Layla® Bed Frame is so easy to put together a baby could assemble it (Do not ask your baby to assemble). With only 5 components, the Layla® Bed Frame snaps together using tabs and slots in under a minute. No tools required. That’s less time than you spend in line at Starbucks®. Then, just put your foam mattress foundation and new Layla® Mattress on top, and you’re ready for a power nap.


Blends In

Unlike plain metal frames, the Layla® Bed Frame features tapered legs constructed from fiberglass - infused resin. It’s fancy. The frame works on carpet and flooring alike and blends in with the rest of your bedroom décor. The legs will be visible beneath your mattress foundation for queen, king or other standard-sized beds — why not give your bed some stems worth showing off?

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Assembles Easy. Stays Put.

This is no cheap, squeaky piece of tin that’s waiting to stub your toe in the night. The Layla® Bed Frame is made of high-quality steel, goes together in a snap, and firmly holds on any flooring surface. If you’re going to be sleeping on one of the best beds and copper-infused pillows in the world, you better give it some serious legs to stand on, right?

The Best Beds Deserve Solid Footing.

You wouldn’t outfit your brand-new BMW in bald tires, would you? If you’re investing in a copper-infused bed, now is the time for a top-notch bed frame. Buying a cohesive bedding system means each piece wears at a parallel rate, has the same warranty duration, and fits together like a glove.

Bottom line: the best time to upgrade your foundation bed frame is when you’re already getting a new memory foam bed and pillow. Whether your back is worn out, you’re moving, or you’re just ready to get a bigger mattress (congrats, by the way)

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Others have asked...

When you’re looking for a bed frame to complete your dream bedroom, it’s crucial to choose the right size. Your bed frame should match the size of your mattress and box spring or foundation. So, for example, your queen size mattress needs a queen size bed frame to rest on.

If you’re upgrading your mattress from a twin to a queen or a queen to a king, you’ll likely need to buy the mattress, foundation, and bed frame altogether. At Layla Sleep®, we offer all three products so you can have everything you need for a great night of sleep in one place.

The Layla® Bed Frame accommodates any size box spring or foam mattress foundation. Just choose the bed frame size based on your mattress and foundation — and you’ll be on your way to a night of restorative slumber.

The Layla® Bed Frame is sleek and sturdy and assembles in a snap, literally. The pieces of the bed frame snap together with tab-in-slot locking technology so you can be set up in just a few minutes with no tools required. Solid steel rails support a ton (literally) and won’t creak and squeak throughout the night. The composite legs give this frame a stylish look and will keep your bed firmly in place on any surface. The best beds deserve the best frames.

Of course. The Layla® Bed Frame will accommodate any size box spring or foam mattress foundation.

If you’re not satisfied with your new bed frame for any reason, simply send an email to support@laylasleep.com with your order number and the reason for your return. We’ll have your bed frame picked up, and once we receive it back at Layla®, we will refund you in full. There are no fees deducted from your refund and you will receive 100% of your money back. Shipping fees to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska are non-refundable (sorry, far-away friends).

We offer a 10-year warranty on all materials and workmanship, but we doubt you’ll ever need to use it. This frame is not likely to give out any time soon. Still, should anything occur, such as bending or bowing of the metal, or cracks in the composite legs, you’re covered. The warranty is non-transferable, so second hand Layla® Bed Frames, black market bed frames, and mysterious hand me downs are not covered.

The best beds come to those who… don’t wait very long. Once you place your order, it will take 1-2 days to prepare your bed frame for shipment. Once shipped, it will take anywhere from 1-4 days to land at your doorstep, depending on where you are. We ship from New Jersey, so you can estimate arrival date based on your location. Once your bed frame ships, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number so you can check on it along the way.

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Product Specifications

Table HeadingTwinFullQueenKingCal King
Dimensions:38″ x 71.5″ x 8″53″ x 74″ x 8″60″ x 74″ x 8″76″ x 74″ x 8″72″ x 74″ x 8″
Weight:31 lbs42 lbs44 lbs45 lbs46 lbs

Made in USA

120 Night Trial-100% Money Back Guarantee

10 Year Warranty

Construction:Solid Steel Rails | Molded Composite Legs
Assembly:No Tools Required | No Small Parts
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