Layla Bed Frame

Modern and discreet with solid construction, amazingly simple to assemble.

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The Layla® Bed Frame.
The best bed frame you'll ever own.

The Layla® Bed Frame is modern and discreet, fitting in with any bedroom décor. It features high-quality solid steel rails with tapered fiberglass-infused resin legs: like the legit piece of furniture that it is. You can easily put this foundation bed frame together in under a minute with no tools required (or Swedish furniture store instructions with confusing drawings). It forms a sleek, sturdy base that can hold a literal ton without noise or motion transfer. So toss, turn, bounce — or do whatever you do in bed — the Layla® frame will hold up and never let you down. The best beds are built on a strong foundation, so don’t mess around with a dinky frame when you can get a Layla® Bed Frame.
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Zero Motion
Zero Motion

Crafted from solid steel rails, the Layla® Bed Frame can hold up to 2500 lbs with zero motion transfer and zero noise. Go ahead hold a party on your bed with all of your nearest and dearest. The frame won’t budge or make noise.

Super Strong & Durable
Super Strong & Durable

The Layla® Bed Frame is so easy to put together a baby could assemble it (Do not ask your baby to assemble). With only 5 components, the Layla® Bed Frame snaps together using tabs and slots in under a minute. No tools required. That’s less time than you spend in line at Starbucks®. Then, just put your foam mattress foundation and new Layla® Mattress on top, and you’re ready for a power nap.

Blends In
Blends In

Unlike plain metal frames, the Layla® Bed Frame features tapered legs constructed from fiberglass - infused resin. It’s fancy. The frame works on carpet and flooring alike and blends in with the rest of your bedroom décor. The legs will be visible beneath your mattress foundation for queen, king or other standard-sized beds — why not give your bed some stems worth showing off?

Love it. Guaranteed.

Try it for a few nights. If you don’t love it, return it for a refund.
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