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Layla Adjustable Base Plus

Remote controlled comfort and lots of extras for the best bedtime ever.

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Comfort, flexibility, & technology, all in one bed frame

Couple laying on a mattress with an adjustable base

The Layla® Adjustable Base
Remote controlled, motorized, and packed with features.

One touch Zero Gravity.

With roots in NASA engineering, this preset position aligns the
body to create a sensation of weightlessness. Zero Gravity
reduces compression in the spine and relaxes muscles.
Couple laying on a mattress with an adjustable base

+ More adjustable plus exclusive features

Wall hugging
The deck slides rearward as the head goes up to keep your bed the same distance from the wall in any position.
Glow of the underbed lighting on the adjustable base plus
Soft perimeter lighting around the underside of the bed sets a cozy mood and guides you in the dark.
Woman on an adjustable base plus talking to Alexa
Alexa and
Leave the remote on the nightstand and ask Alexa or Google to raise your head and feet.
Woman using adjustable base plus mobile app
Mobile app
Control your bed on your phone. Download the mobile app remote at the Apple or Google Play store.
*valid for customers who qualify

Adjustable Base FAQs

  • Not at all. The Layla® Adjustable and The Layla® Adjustable Plus are both the easiest adjustable bases in the industry to assemble. Simply unfold the bed, screw on the legs, and plug it in. Now you’re ready to sleep in any position you like.

  • It sure does. Of course we recommend using a Layla® mattress with the adjustable base, however any mattress will work fine as long as it is adjustable base friendly. If you’re not sure, we recommend asking the manufacturer.

  • It really comes down to the wire… literally. Both a king and a split king are two pieces joined together with a clamp. It just depends on whether you plan on using a single King mattress or two twin xl mattresses on your base.

    If you’re using a King Mattress: Simply join the two bases with the included sync cable and now both halves will move together in unison. Both remotes will control the now synchronized adjustable base.

    If you’re using 2 Twin XL Mattresses: Join the two bases together with the included clamp and you’re done. By not joining the two bases with the included sync cable you may now operate each half independently with each remote.

  • Since both the king and split king adjustable bases are two pieces, it really comes down to what mattress you have. If you have a king size mattress you’ll want to connect the two halves with the included sync cable. Now simply place your king mattress on top of the adjustable base and both halves will move together with either remote.

    If you have two twin XL mattresses, then don’t connect the sync cable so that each half moves independently.

    Haven’t bought your mattress yet? If you’re not sure whether you’d like a king or a split king setup here are a few things that may help you decide:

    Both sides move up and down simultaneously.
    Uses a king mattress so there are no gaps between you and your sleeping partner.
    Will need king size bedding.

    Allows for each side to move independently so that you can sit up and read while your sleeping partner lays flat and sleeps.
    Uses two twin XL mattresses. Expect a slight gap between the two beds.
    Will need two sets of twin XL bed sheets.

    Note: If you decide to go with a split king adjustable base remember to add two twin XL mattresses to your shopping cart.

  • You will need to program two separate devices and give them different names. For example if one Amazon Echo is called “Alexa” and controls one half the base, then consider naming the second device a different name like “Daniel” and program that device to operate the other half of the base. Programming instructions are included with each base.

  • Absolutely! The Layla® Adjustable bases are designed to be slightly smaller than your existing bed to make for an easy fit so you can still use your matching bedroom furniture.

  • The legs on the Layla® Adjustable Base are modular. Each leg is made up of four 3” sections. Simply remove by unscrewing a section to reduce the height of the base. The top of the adjustable base can range from 5” to 14” off the ground.

  • Both bases are fully adjustable, include a zero gravity preset, have adjustable legs, and built in USB chargers. The Layla® Adjustable Plus has the following added features: Wall Gliding Technology, Massage, Anti-Snore, Under-bed Lighting, Amazon Echo/Google Home compatible, and works with the Layla mobile app.

  • Anti-snore is the Zzz button on the remote and is only available on The Layla® Adjustable Plus. Simply push the button on your remote to lift the head up 10 degrees creating open nasal airflow for easy breathing. Your base will automatically lay flat after 20 minutes.

    Is your sleeping partner keeping you awake with their snoring? If you have The Layla® Adjustable Plus split king, use the app to control your partner’s side. They’ll thank you in the morning.

  • You can download the free app by searching for “Layla® Adjustable Base Remote” in the Apple or Android app store.

Adjustable Base comparison
Table HeadingThe Layla AdjustableThe Layla Adjustable Plus
Wall Gliding TechnologyX
Multizone Massage w/3 intensitiesX
Underbed LightingX
Alexa/Google Home CompatibleX
Wifi AppX
Fully Adjustable (Head and Foot up/down) XX
Zero GravityXX
One-Touch FlatXX
Save your favorite position (3 presets) XX
Wireless RemoteXX
Built-in USB Phone ChargersXX
Split or Sync King FeatureXX
Anti-Slide DeckXX
Adjustable Legs (4 heights)XX
Hold up to 750 lbsXX
10 Year WarrantyXX
Free ShippingXX
  • Twin XLQueenSplit KingKing
    Dimensions:37.5"x 79.5"x 5-14" 59.5"x 79.5"x 5-14" 75.5"x 79.5"x 5-14" 75.5"x 79.5"x 5-14"
    (Adjustable Base):
    83 lbs 105 lbs 166 lbs 166 lbs
    (Adjustable Base Plus):
    109 lbs 141 lbs 218 lbs 218 lbs

  • Made in China

  • 30 Night Trial-100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
    1 Year: Defects in material or workmanship
    2 Year: Motor
    5 Year: Parts
    10 Year: Defective Bed

  • Fabric: Polyester
    Metal/Wood: Steel Q235 / Plywood