Purple Mattress vs Layla Sleep®

Purple Versus Layla
Purple Versus Layla

What makes the Layla® Mattress different?

Choosing the right mattress is more important than your fantasy football draft, finding the right pair of jeans, or deciding between light or dark roast. Because if you sleep better, you can do all those things better. It might even help you dream better (you’ll be flying through a cloud of cotton candy in no time).

Layla® and Casper both aspire to deliver you the best sleep of your life. In one corner, the trusted Layla® brand, in the other, a worthy memory foam adversary. In the battle of Layla® vs. Casper, firmness, comfort, and durability are going round for round. We think the Layla® Mattress takes the belt and earns the title of Better Pick.

The Layla® Mattress is different
Hero Bed
2 Beds in 1
The Layla® Mattress has two sides: one is plush, the other is firm. Simply flip it to the side that suits you best.
Hero Bed
Copper Infused
Your body sweats and actually sheds throughout the night (eww). Copper keeps you cooler and cleaner by literally killing bacteria.
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Pain Relief
Wake up feeling like a rock star, not like you slept on a rock. Copper infused support foam cradles your body evenly throughout the night.
Hero Bed
Better Sleep
The Layla® Mattress is guaranteed to give you better sleep, which can be life-changing. Rest your body and mind, and see the difference in your day.
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