$100 Off a Layla Mattress + A Free E&E Pillow

It’s more than
a mattress.

The Layla Mattress is thoughtfully designed for the most cool, clean, comfortable sleep imaginable, for the most energetic day possible. We’re like a recharger for your soul batteries. Because everything you are – a parent, coworker, friend, neighbor, etc. — is made better by great sleep.

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layla sleep copper infused mattress

Here's what the experts think.

Layla Sleep rating
Layla Rating
“Layla’s comfort layers incorporate memory foam for significant pressure relief, and in our testing we also found the mattress to sleep very cool.”
Layla Rating
Layla Rating
“Our testing found that the Layla Mattress provides very good support for sleepers of all weights and isolates motion to a significant extent”
Layla Rating
Layla Rating
“A very comfortable mattress that really stands out and a very good value that we would compare to high end mattress models.”
Layla Rating
Layla Rating
“This product really excels in relieving pressure along all of your body’s heaviest points with the deep cradling of memory foam.”

Cooler and cleaner with copper.

Copper is the ultimate multi-tasker. As one of the most conductive metals on the planet, it sucks away heat and sends it off to a faraway land. Copper is also naturally anti-microbial. So no matter what, your mattress will remain fresh as a daisy.

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Two sides.
Soft or Firm.

We think you should have choices even after you order our mattress, so we built our Layla Mattress with selectable firmness. The soft side is about a 4.5 out of 10, and the firmer side is a 7 out of 10. Just flip the mattress to the side that feels best for you, for dialed-in comfort.

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