Fall Mattress Sale

Hybrid Mattress
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Starts at:$1,099 $1,299
Memory Foam Mattress
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Starts at:$599 $749
Kapok Pillow
Fall Sale: BOGO 50% OFF
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Starts at:$109

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Memory Foam Topper
Fall Sale: $60 OFF
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Starts at:$229 $289
Bamboo Sheets
Fall Sale: $70 OFF
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Starts at:$99 $169
Down Alternative Comforter
Fall Sale: $50 OFF
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Starts at:$159 $209
Weighted Blanket
Fall Sale: $100 OFF
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Starts at:$89 $189
Memory Foam Pillow
Fall Sale: Over 60% OFF
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Starts at:$34 $89
Adjustable Base
Fall Sale: Up to $600 OFF
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Starts at:$699 $899
Mattress Protector
Fall Sale: Up to 50% OFF
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Platform Bed
Fall Sale: $25 OFF
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Starts at:$349 $374
Mattress Foundation
Fall Sale: $25 OFF
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Starts at:$249 $274
Bed Frame
Fall Sale: Discount in cart with foundation
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Starts at:$179
Pet Bed
Fall Sale: $25 OFF
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Starts at:$149 $174

Save Big on Bundles

Cooling Bundle
Bamboo Sheets + 2 Kapok Pillows
+ Cooling Protector
Ultimate cooling for hot sleepers
Cooling Bundle
Up to $209.50 OFF
Premium Bundle
Hybrid Mattress + Adjustable Base Plus
+ 2 Free Pillows
Our best bedroom setup
Premium Bundle
Up to $1,028 OFF
Comfy Bundle
Bamboo Sheets
+ Comforter
Luxurious life-changing bedding
Comfy Bundle
$130 OFF
Foundational Bundle
+ Bed Frame
Solid, sturdy & built to last
School Bundle
$35 OFF
*valid for customers who qualify

FAQs: Fall Mattress Sale

  • The start of autumn is marked by the autumnal equinox, which falls on Saturday, September 23, 2023 and ends with the winter solstice. However, the start of fall can be marked by several seasonal changes, such as the turning of the leaves, the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes, and Layla Sleep’s annual Fall Sale, which boasts exceptional savings on mattresses, sheets, comforters, and more that can be paired with our mattress referral program.

  • Believe it or not, autumn is one of the best seasons for sleeping, and it’s not just because we have sitewide savings on all things bedding related. When fall rolls around, the sun begins to set earlier, which can help many sleepers prepare for bed and fall asleep quicker. Even better, the fall months have lower levels of night time allergens flowing through the air, like pollen and dust, which means no sniffling and sneezing during the nighttime hours. And to top it off, fall is the perfect time to get cozy with a warm weighted blanket and cup of tea, which are great habits to get into to promote sleep hygiene.

  • At Layla it is! While late winter and early spring often boast some of the greatest savings, fall has several opportunities to find a new mattress with a lower sticker price. At Layla Sleep, we have our yearly Fall Mattress Sale, so you can find a hybrid or memory foam mattress that works for you. Fall is also home to one of the largest yearly sales of the year — Black Friday, which means you can save big on many items, including a mattress.

  • When shopping for a new mattress, the first thing you should do is research which type and size of mattress is ideal for you. After that, look for package discounts. In many circumstances, adding accessories to your new mattress can help score additional savings. At Layla Sleep, we offer bundles on several of our mattress and bedding products. Finally, think about how you’ll finance your new purchase. At Layla Sleep, we offer mattress financing with zero interest, zero down, and no late fees for qualifying applicants.

  • Having a partner comes with compromises, but one area you shouldn’t compromise is sleep. If you’re a hot sleeper and your partner sleeps cold, the best bedding is thermal-regulating bedding. At Layla Sleep, our copper gel-infused memory foam directs body heat away, so if you sleep hot, you’ll stay cool. For cold sleepers, investing in quality bedding like a down alternative comforter can keep you warm throughout the night.

    At Layla Sleep, we offer several thermal-regulating bedding products, such as our bamboo sheets, down alternative comforters, weighted blankets, and more. Check out our Fall Sale to see what deals you can find to keep you and your partner comfortable at night.

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