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How to Store a Mattress in 6 Steps

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Whether you’re moving to a new home, downsizing, having a child moving away for school, or realizing that now is the best time to buy a mattress, eventually, you will need to store a mattress. While you can store a mattress in your garage, basement, attic, or spare bedroom, it’s typically not ideal for long-term storage as these spaces can become dusty, dirty, and even moldy. On the other hand, a storage unit can provide you with an ideal space to store your mattress and ensure that it retains its shape and comfort.

How to Store a Mattress in 6 Steps

The reason why you store a mattress is that you hope to one day use that mattress again, which means that you should take proper care of it by storing it correctly. Mattresses are expensive, and there’s no reason to throw one into the dumpster if it’s still comfortable and in good shape. In this article, we’ll discuss how to store a mattress so that it can remain in good condition for years to come.

6 Steps on How to Store a Mattress

Whether you’re moving or are upgrading a space, your mattress is one of the largest objects in your home you’ll have to take care of. However, getting rid of a mattress isn’t your only option if you’re looking for more space. There are several ways you can store a mattress, so you can bring it back into your home when the timing is right. To make the most out of your mattress, take a look at the steps below on how to store a mattress properly:

1. Clean your mattress

Clean mattress

Putting a dirty mattress into storage means pulling a dirty mattress out of storage when you’re ready to use it again. Dirty mattresses are a breeding ground for mold and fungus, and if the location where you’re storing the mattress, such as an attic, is already prone to mold, then your mattress will only get dirtier.

To avoid dealing with unhealthy mold and musty smells, ensure that your mattress is clean before it goes into storage. Cleaning your mattress ahead of time also ensures that you can use it immediately once it comes out of storage. Here’s how to clean a mattress:

  • Vacuum it to get rid of debris
  • Sprinkle some baking soda on top of the mattress and let it sit overnight
  • Vacuum the baking soda up
  • Disinfect the mattress with a disinfectant spray and let air dry completely

2. Cover your mattress with plastic or a mattress storage bag

cover your mattress

Once your mattress is completely dry, cover it with a mattress storage bag or plastic to prevent it from getting dirty again. Whether you’re storing your mattress in a basement, attic, or storage unit, a plastic cover can help protect it from moisture, bugs, and dust.

You can easily cover your mattress with plastic at home with household plastic wrap, but if you want the best protection, you should invest in a mattress storage bag. Storage bags are waterproof and allow you to secure your mattress inside to prevent it from the elements.

3. If applicable, transport your mattress in a moving truck

If you are storing your mattress in a storage unit, try to transport it using a moving truck. While many people choose to strap a mattress to their cars or squeeze it into a van they borrowed from a friend, these options can be dangerous for themselves and other drivers on the road. Not to mention, they can destroy the mattress in the process.

Renting a moving truck allows you to lay the mattress down flat to retain its shape and prevent any lumps, bumps, and sags from forming while in transport. However, even if your mattress is in a mattress bag, consider lining the moving truck with moving blankets or sheets to keep the mattress clean and away from dust or spills.

If you’re moving other items to your storage unit, you can also put your mattress on its side to save space during transport.

4. Store your mattress flat

store mattress flat

While you may need to put your mattress on its side while transporting it in a moving truck, you should never store it in this position. When you put a mattress on its side and keep it that way for too long, it puts pressure on one side, which can cause the shape of the mattress to warp and damage the interior. All different types of mattresses, from a hybrid mattress or memory foam mattress to an innerspring mattress, are susceptible to warping due to this type of pressure in storage.

If you have enough space to put your mattress flat in your storage unit, put something underneath it to ensure that dust can’t get on it so that it’s not directly on the ground. Of course, a mattress storage bag will also prevent dust and moisture from getting inside the mattress. If you don’t have enough space in your storage unit to lay your mattress flat, consider using other items in the unit to make a flat surface. You can also put plywood on top of existing furniture to create a flat surface for your mattress.

5. Keep items off of your mattress

keep items off

Once your mattress is flat inside the storage unit, your basement, attic, or other room, ensure that you don’t put items on top of it. While it may be tempting to put new items that you want to store directly on top of your mattress to save space, putting pressure on the mattress can cause it to sag or create bumps in the inner materials.

Light objects, such as blankets and pillows, can be stored on top of the mattress, but never place heavy objects or other types of furniture directly on top of your mattress. If you must store more items in a unit, consider renting a second unit or moving things around to ensure that your mattress can always lay flat without anything on top of it.

6. Ensure the storage unit is climate controlled

When storing your mattress, opt for a climate-controlled unit to ensure that moisture can’t get into the mattress and cause mold growth. Moist mattresses can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria that will make your mattress unusable. Climate-controlled storage units protect your mattress no matter what time of year it is to keep humidity levels down during summer and winter.

If you’re storing your mattress at home, consider getting a dehumidifier for the area where you’ll store your mattress. While storing your mattress at home, whether it’s in an attic, basement, or garage, is not ideal because of the changing moisture levels in a home, a dehumidifier can help you alter the climate in one room easily.

Why Is it Important to Properly Store a Mattress?

Storing your mattress properly ensures that you can use it when you need it again. There are many reasons why someone might choose to store a mattress, but it’s important to store it correctly no matter what. Here are the benefits of properly storing a mattress:

Decreases odors and mold

Taking the right steps to store your mattress properly means that you won’t have to worry about it getting smelly or moldy. If you store things in your basement or attic already, you know that some things end up getting a musty smell, and other things, such as fabrics, become moldy. Many areas of your home that you might use to store things are prone to changing humidity levels, which means they’re susceptible to mold growth. Unfortunately, mold might find a mattress just as comfortable as you do if they come into contact.

Once your mattress becomes moldy, there’s no way to ensure that it’s clean unless you open it up and check the inside of the mattress. In that case, it’s better to throw your mattress out. As you already know, mattresses are an investment, so taking preventative measures to preserve them is essential.

Decreases dirt

Just like mold and mildew, dirt loves mattresses. If you’re storing your mattress in a room in your home that’s prone to dust and doesn’t get cleaned often, such as an attic, you can only expect to pull out a dusty, dirty mattress when you’re ready to use it again. Storing your mattress correctly ensures that your mattress stays just as clean as it was the day you put it into storage, especially if you use a mattress bag.

Mattress will retain shape

Storing your mattress accordingly ensures that it will be just as comfortable as it was the day you put it into storage. As we’ve mentioned, best practices include storing your mattress flat to ensure that no lumps or bumps can form over time.

Should You Store a Mattress in an Upright Position?

When transporting your mattress, you can keep it in an upright position to help you save space. However, you should never store your mattress in an upright position for a long period of time. No matter what type of mattress you have, it can bend and alter the inner materials in a way that makes them unusable in the future.

Wrapping Up: How to Store a Mattress

Storing a mattress is easy, and there’s no reason not to store it properly. Make sure that you put your mattress into plastic or a bag to keep it clean, but don’t ever fold the mattress to get it to fit into a bag. No matter what type of mattress you have, never store it on its side for an extended period of time. Taking proper care of your bed even while it’s in storage ensures a restful night’s sleep when it’s time to use it again.

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