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Made in America, all across America

Posted By: Layla

Our  "Made in America" matters to us at Layla, not just because we love the land where we live. We believe we can provide better quality, better materials, and better jobs and most importantly better beds when we are directly connected to the means of production.

Made in America, all across America

Some competitors race to the bottom to find cheaper, lesser quality materials wherever they can find them, but we have been dedicated to keeping the production close, with our eye on quality manufacturing.  But we don’t have just one massive factory churning out beds. We source materials and craftsmen all over the country to bring you the Layla Bed. We spend a lot of time talking about sleep and we believe that you can sleep easier when you know where your comes from a local source, and we make them in a responsible way.


Layla mattresses are made in America, but it all starts in California. In fact, Layla started in the bay area, not as an internet startup, but a simple mattress shop trying to make the best bed in the world. The Bay Area has been a hub of innovation and we are proud of our roots in California.  We still run our marketing and development from Californa.  Today, we still pour a lot of our CertiPUR-US® certified foam in California. We try to do everything possible to make our copper-infused memory foam the coolest memory foam on the market. We believe that making it in California makes it a little bit cooler too. Cool people make cool memory foam. 


You know Georgia for peaches, hospitality, and southern comfort. So we think it’s only fitting that the most comfortable bed in the world comes from the deep south. The Layla mattress has 4 layers of 3 different types of foam: Copper-infused memory foam, Support foam and convoluted foam to maximize airflow and cooling. We make many of our foam layers in Georgia.

North Carolina

Georgia sits geographically south of North Carolina but you don’t get much more Southern than North Carolina. North Carolina is where all of the textiles for our Layla covers are woven and embedded with our key cooling gel technology.

Once we weave the fabric, Our tailers sew and stitch the covers into their final form. In the interest of full disclosure, as we have grown we sometimes meet capacity at our North Carolina sewing facilities. Which means we are using every qualified sewing machine we can find. In some cases, when demand exceeds our sewing capacity, we send the North Carolina textiles to be sewn by our North American neighbors in Mexico and El Salvador, those covers are then shipped back to check for the same standards of quality and workmanship. As we grow, we continue to look for new ways to increase our manufacturing capacity in the U.S.


The only thing hotter than our reviews are the Arizona summers, but we don’t sweat it. All of our materials meet up in Arizona for final assembly. The layers are finally laid out, soft copper layer on top, firm layer on the bottom, with the support and air-flow layers in-between. We wrap the four layers in a gauzy airflow layer and cover it with our signature cooling-gel infused cover. From Arizona, we wrap, package and ship the mattress directly to you.  When you get your tracking information, you’ll see the package start in Arizona and make its way to you.

Your Home

We ship your bed directly to your home. Unwrap your mattress and watch it reshape to fit your bed. We ship it free to the lower 48 (and with a small charge to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada).  We also offer a 120-night money-back guarantee. We created the guarantee as a promise to you, but also a commitment to ourselves. Every day, all across America, we check the quality and workmanship of our creation. The warranty makes us check, double check and absolutely make sure we get it right. Knowing that it will end up in your home makes it even more important for us. You trust us with your sleep, and we take that very seriously. And that’s why Layla mattresses are Made in America, in the land of the free and the home of the bed.