President's Day
Mattress Sale

Weighted Blanket
President's Day Sale: $130 OFF
Shop Weighted Blanket
Starts at:$59 $189
Down Alternative Comforter
President's Day Sale: $100 OFF
Shop Down Alternative Comforter
Starts at:$109 $209
Memory Foam Topper
President's Day Sale: $100 OFF
Shop Memory Foam Topper
Starts at:$189 $289

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Memory Foam Mattress
President's Day Sale: $150 OFF + 2 Free Pillows
Shop Layla Memory Foam Mattress
Starts at:$599 $749
Hybrid Mattress
President's Day Sale: $200 OFF + 2 Free Pillows
Shop Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress
Starts at:$1,099 $1,299
Kapok Pillow
President's Day Sale: BOGO Half OFF
Shop Layla Kapok Pillow
Starts at:$109
Adjustable Base
President's Day Sale: Up to $600 OFF
Shop Layla Adjustable Base
Starts at:$699 $899
Platform Bed
President's Day Sale: $25 OFF
Shop Layla Platform Bed
Starts at:$349 $374
Bamboo Sheets
President's Day Sale: $70 OFF
Shop Layla Bamboo Sheets
Starts at:$99 $169
Memory Foam Pillow
President's Day Sale: $20 OFF
Shop Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
Starts at:$69 $89
Mattress Protector
President's Day Sale: Up to $65 OFF
Shop Mattress Protector
Starts at:$35 $94
Mattress Foundation
President's Day Sale: $25 OFF
Shop Layla Mattress Foundation
Starts at:$249 $274
Bed Frame
Strong & Sturdy
Shop Bed Frame
Starts at:$179
Pet Bed
President's Day Sale: $25 OFF
Shop Pet Bed
Starts at:$149 $174

Save Big on Bundles

Essential Bundle
Memory Foam Mattress + 2 Kapok Pillows
+ Essential Protector
School Bundle
Up to $310 OFF
Premium Bundle
Hybrid Mattress
+ Adjustable Base Plus
Best Deal!
Premium Bundle
Up to $1,250 OFF
Comfy Bundle
Bamboo Sheets
+ 2 Kapok Pillows
Best Gift!
Comfy Bundle
Up to $195 OFF
Cooling Bundle
Bamboo Sheets + 2 Kapok Pillows
+ Cooling Protector
Best for hot sleepers!
Cooling Bundle
Up to $275 OFF
*valid for customers who qualify

FAQs: President’s Day Sale

  • President's Day is always observed on the third Monday in February. In 2023, President's Day is observed on February 20th. President's Day is a federally recognized holiday honoring every president of the United States, past and present. It first started after George Washington's passing in 1799, making his birthday, February 22nd, an annual day of remembrance.

  • Yes, President’s Day is an excellent time to score exclusive deals and savings on a mattress. As the first major sales event of the year, brands compete for your business, which means you can find significant savings on a new mattress. At Layla Sleep, our President’s Day Mattress and Bedding Sale can help you start your year off right. Shop bundles for additional savings, receive up to $200 off AND two free Layla Memory Foam Pillows with a mattress purchase, and find bedding deals on our weighted blanket, bed bases, down alternative comforter, bamboo sheets, and pillows.

  • When it comes to getting the best bargains on a mattress on President's Day weekend, knowing how to optimize your savings is critical. Here are some tips on how to get the best deal on a new mattress this President’s Day:

    • Research: Always start your mattress-hunting adventure by conducting research. There are plenty of President's Day mattress specials to choose from, but big discounts don't always mean you're getting the best deal. Looking at respected mattress brands that are known for their quality, durability, support, and comfort is a good place to start.
    • Read reviews: You should also take time to read reviews and testimonials to see what customers are saying, as well as look for mattress brands that offer trial periods when looking for a mattress deal. At Layla, you can enjoy a 120-night trial period to ensure Layla is the right fit for you.
    • Explore financing: Finally, look into financing options. The cost of a quality mattress is usually higher than the cost of most everyday items. Layla Sleep offers financing with zero interest, zero down, and zero late fees for eligible buyers. This way, you can pay off your mattress over time and enjoy quality sleep in the meantime.

  • President's Day signals spring is just a stone's throw away, which means you'll need season-appropriate linens, pillows, blankets, and comforters. Layla Sleep's memory foam and hybrid mattresses are temperature-regulating, keeping you dry and comfortable as the seasons change and warm and toasty in the winter without sweating. The Layla Down Alternative Comforter is made of breathable fabric that wicks moisture away, and our bamboo sheets are three degrees cooler than traditional cotton sheets. Here at Layla, we know a thing or two about comfort, which is why every one of our products is made to ensure that you have a restful night's sleep every single night. Check out our President's Day mattress and bedding sale to see how much money you can save this holiday.

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