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Layla Reward

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The Layla® Rewards Program
It doesn’t get any easier to make money from home.

Give $150-$200 - Get $50.
Give $10 - Get $10.

Spread the word and we'll pay you, it's that simple. Share coupons with your friends that gives them $150 off the Layla Memory Foam Mattress, $200 off the Layla Hybrid, and $10 off any other Layla product.

When your friends buy something from Layla, you get $50 for every mattress purchase and $10 for any other product purchase they make.

Layla Refer Offer

How it works

Join Layla


It's easy to join the rewards program. Go to, enter your email and you're all set.

Share Layla


Just select how you want to share. Social media, email, or copy your unique link to share in text messages.

Collect Reward

Collect Rewards

Once you've shared, sit back and we'll do the rest. Whenever someone you referred makes a purchase, Ka-ching! We'll send you some dough.

Layla Reward No Limit

There is no limit on how many times you can share.

There is no limit on the money you can make.

Others have asked...

No. Just sign up and start sharing your unique link with friends, family and followers.

Great news, you can share with as many people as you want, for as long as you want - and your rewards are unlimited!

Leave this to us. Once you reach your payout, an email will be auto-generated and sent to your email on file with your claim link to cash in!

Please keep in mind, in order to qualify for your reward, your referred friend must keep their product through the entire 120 Night Trial period. No worries, they’re gonna love it!

Now that the rewards are rolling in, you can track all your progress. Simply, go to – Select “My Stats” from the grey tab and an email will be sent to you with all of your reward details and earnings.

We make it easy to share. When you win, we win! Start Sharing Now and click on the sharing option of your choice then fill out the information fields and send it by text, email, or messenger!

We make your digital rewards easy to cash in online. However, if you would like a physical card there is a small $3.00 fee deducted from your rewards card. Please call +1 (877) 325-8444 to inquire about getting a physical card!

See the full Terms and Conditions here.