Summer Mattress Sale

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Hybrid Mattress
$200 OFF + 2 FREE Pillows
Shop Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress
Starts at:$1,099 $1,299
Memory Foam Mattress
$150 OFF + 2 FREE Pillows
Shop Layla Memory Foam Mattress
Starts at:$599 $749
Kapok Pillow
Shop Layla Kapok Pillow
Starts at:$109

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Memory Foam Topper
$60 OFF
Shop Memory Foam Topper
Starts at:$229 $289
Bamboo Sheets
$70 OFF
Shop Layla Bamboo Sheets
Starts at:$99 $169
Down Alternative Comforter
$50 OFF
Shop Down Alternative Comforter
Starts at:$159 $209
Weighted Blanket
$100 OFF
Shop Weighted Blanket
Starts at:$99 $199
Memory Foam Pillow
$30 OFF
Shop Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
Starts at:$59 $89
Adjustable Base Plus
Up to $600 OFF
Shop Layla Adjustable Base Plus
Starts at:$1,099 $1,399
Mattress Protector
Up to $65 OFF
Shop Mattress Protector
Starts at:$49 $94
Platform Bed
$25 OFF
Shop Layla Platform Bed
Starts at:$349 $374
Mattress Foundation
$25 OFF
Shop Layla Mattress Foundation
Starts at:$249 $274
Bed Frame
Shop Bed Frame
Starts at:$179
Pet Bed
$25 OFF
Shop Pet Bed
Starts at:$149 $174

Save Big on Bundles

Cooling Bundle
Bamboo Sheets + 2 Kapok Pillows
+ Cooling Protector
Ultimate cooling for hot sleepers
Cooling Bundle
Up to $264.50 OFF
Comfy Bundle
Bamboo Sheets
+ 2 Kapok Pillows
Luxurious life-changing bedding
Comfy Bundle
Up to $134.50 OFF
Signature Bundle
Memory Foam Mattress + Bamboo Sheets
+ Essential Protector
Our most popular bundle
School Bundle
Up to $816 OFF
Premium Bundle
Hybrid Mattress + Adjustable Base Plus
+ 2 FREE Pillows
Our best bedroom setup
Premium Bundle
Over $1,000 OFF
*valid for customers who qualify

FAQs: Summer Mattress Sale

  • While some mark Memorial Day as the unofficial start to summer, the first day falls on the summer solstice, which occurs on June 20, 2024, and goes through September 21, 2024. With that said, summer is on our doorstep, which means it’s time to get your body ready for outdoor adventures, backyard barbecues, and days in the sun. To ensure you’re your most energized self, you need quality sleep every night. Make that happen this year by shopping at Layla's Summer Mattress Sale and scoring exclusive deals on the industry’s best mattresses.

  • Yes, summer is one of the best times to bring a new mattress into your home. When summer rolls around, brands are ready to keep the excitement of longer, warmer days going with deals on their products, including mattresses and bedding. Even better, there are several holidays throughout summer where you can find great prices on mattresses, bedding, and other products, such as the Fourth of July and Labor Day. If you’re looking for a time to invest in a new mattress and yourself, consider right now.

  • The last thing you want is to turn your summer days gray by investing in the wrong mattress. Before you sign the dotted line, take time to do your research before going home with a new bed. Not all mattresses are created the same, which means you need to know what to look for. Some tips on buying the best mattress for summer include:

    • Research: Browse multiple mattresses and brands to view product specs and reviews
    • Price: Compare sales and multiple prices to ensure you buy within your budget
    • Bundle deals: Look for bundle deals to get the most bang for your buck
    • Financing: Ask about financing options to ensure you get the mattress you need

    During Layla’s Summer Mattress Sale, you can score, bundle, and save on deals on several of our mattress and bedding products, as well as receive financing with zero down, zero interest, and no late fees for qualified applicants.

  • Not only do you need a cooling mattress this summer to prevent night sweats from keeping you up, but you need proper bedding, too. Each season comes with changes, and so does your sleeping environment. As the winter days pass, it’s time to swap heavier bedding, such as flannel sheets and heavy comforters, for light and airy pieces, such as bamboo and an all-season comforter. Layla’s bamboo sheets are naturally cool. In fact, they run 3 degrees cooler than cotton, and use less water during production, making them an environmentally-friendly option. Paired with our All-Season Down Alternative Comforter made from 100% cotton, you can stay cool in the summer and stay warm during the winter.

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