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Cooler with Copper

Layla mattress copper infused

Copper Conductivity Sleeps Cooler

We put copper in the mattress foam and wove copper into the pillow cover because it’s one of the top two most conductive metals known to man, second only to silver (and we were fresh out of silver). Due to its amazing conductivity, copper is widely used in industrial and technological applications where the highest temperatures must be tolerated.

When copper cells compress inside the Layla Mattress, they form a thermal super highway that sucks up body heat and swiftly carries it away keeping you cool as a cucumber. It works the same way in the pillow fibers too!

Copper is so Supportive

Copper Firms up Under Pressure

Under body weight, copper cells in the memory foam layers of the mattress compress and interact with each other. This interaction between copper cells results in a firming response at deep compression areas where your body sinks in more. This firming response is called Variable Support and provides you with a soft, plush feel with added support where you need it around the hips and shoulders. Variable Support with copper infusion is an excellent choice for all sleeping positions…and side sleepers absolutely love Layla.

Copper is cleaner

Antimicrobial Protection With Copper

Copper is also world famous for its powerful antimicrobial properties. ‘Antimicrobial’ is the ability of a substance to kill or inactivate microbes such as bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses…Anyone want that inside their mattress?

Under compression, copper cells inside your Layla mattress condense together forming an anti-bacterial/anti-viral barrier at the surface of the mattress to keep out the nasty. The Layla Pillow has copper woven right into the cover, so if you drool while you sleep (we know that no one does that), but if you do we got you covered.

Layla Mattress with copper

What does the science say about copper?

Layla Pillow with Copper

Does Copper Heal? The Egyptians Thought So

We’re big fans of science and things you can prove, and when you add up all of the nerdy facts; the studies on copper infused fabrics and their potential healing effects are inconclusive.

So we cannot say that the copper in your Layla mattress will be the cure for what ails you, but many of our customers are talking about experiencing significant pain relief and feeling better after sleeping on a Layla. Is it the copper working? Read what our customers say and you be the judge.