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30 of the Best Sleep Quotes

What's the deal with sleep quotes? It is amazing how much we can learn about ourselves and life through sleep. While sle...
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Best Mattress for side sleepers from

Are you looking for the best mattress for side sleepers? You might want to check out what has to say. Tuck is ...
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Sleep Zoo Mattress Review

Sleep Zoo reviews the Layla Mattress Sleep Zoo has been offering fantastic in-depth reviews of beds and bedding supplie...
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Layla Pillow Review by Sleep Advisor

Check out Sleep Advisor's Layla pillow review. They like the comfort, fill, and eco-friendly alternatives. "Who do we t...
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Made in America, all across America

Our  "Made in America" matters to us at Layla, not just because we love the land where we live. We believe we can provi...
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Layla CEO Interview with Tuck

From - We had the pleasure of chatting with the CEO of Layla Sleep, Akrum Sheikh, about the company’s rapid g...
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Copper Benefits: Spiritual and Healing

The legends and lore of copper date back centuries. Metaphysically, copper is believed to enhance psychic abilities, amp...
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The Layla Copper Topper® Coming Soon!

Oh yeah...we did it. Soon to be released is the Layla Copper Topper®. 2" of copper infused memory foam wrapped in the i...