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What are Bamboo Sheets and Do You Need Them?

You’ve been keeping a lucky bamboo stalk alive for 10 years. It makes a great piece of natural décor (and you swear ...
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Memory Foam Density: A Complete Guide to Memory Foam Densities and Their Ratings

When you lay down at night, sinking ever so softly into your memory foam, you’re probably not thinking about the densi...
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Stomach Sleeper? Tips for Belly Sleeping and What It Means About You

Sleep is a very personal experience. Some of us can drift off in 30 seconds on a plane, even with a baby screaming from...
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Weighted Blankets for Sleep: Helping with Sleep Issues & Insomnia

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep… no sleep. If you lie in bed at night staring at the ceiling, begging for the swee...
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Weighted Blankets for PTSD: How a Trauma Blanket Can Help Veterans

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can affect anyone, but it’s particularly common among our veteran community,...
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How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

You’re going to want to live in your weighted blanket. That’s all there is to it. Prepare to be sitting in an aftern...
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How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

Sweet dreams are great. However, sleeping so deep that you’re practically hibernating is better. The soothing nature o...
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A Guide to the Best Mattress for Back Pain 2019

If you wake up every morning feeling like you slept on a slab of concrete, it might be a tell-tale sign that it is time ...
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5 Characteristics to Look for in a Foam Mattress Foundation

Your college days are over. You left textbooks in your rear-view mirror, and it’s time to leave ramen noodles and chea...

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