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Highya reviews the Layla Mattress – Great Value

The good folks over at Highya LOVE reviewing all sorts of products. They spend two weeks sleeping on a Layla mattress, t...
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Mattress Comparison – Apartment therapy takes a shining to Layla

Mattress Comparison: Apartment Therapy puts Layla through the ringer Apartment therapy puts a wide assortment of matt...
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“Cool Memory Foam, Bro” 3 Ways to Turn Down the Temp on Hot Memory Foam.

Do you love cool memory foam, but hate "the warm hug of death"? You are not alone. People that love memory foam agree th...
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Nat Geo goes deep on the science of sleep.

In an August 2018 issue of National Geographic Magazine, Michael Finkel dives deep on the science of sleep. He digs into...
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Better Sleep for a Better Life

When you sleep better, not only do you live longer, you also live a better quality of life too.  The quality of your sl...
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Made in America, all across America

Our  "Made in America" matters to us at Layla, not just because we love the land where we live. We believe we can provi...
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There is something to be said for company in bed.

Next to an Ice-Cream sundae, a bed is one of the most enjoyable things to share, and they both have two spoons. But the ...
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The Perfect Sleep: An Experiment in 8 steps

Seeking a perfect sleep is a quest that we all take. Even people who can fall asleep instantly may find themselves wakin...
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Is Cuddling With Your Phone Keeping You From Better Sleep?

If you want better sleep, you might need to ditch your smartphone, at least right before bedtime. Chances are, if you're...