Layla Sleep’s® Flippable Mattress

With a firm and soft side, Layla gives you options.

Benefits 2 in 1

Flippable Firmness™ by Layla Sleep

The Layla® Mattress comes out of the box with two built-in comfort levels. We call it
flippable firmness, and it’s two chances to make your new memory foam mattress work
for you. You never have to choose between a firm or soft mattress again. The soft side of
Layla® has a firmness level of about 4 out of 10, and the firm side is a 7 out of 10. On the soft
side you’ll get a lush and huggy feel that cradles you while you sleep. Too plush? Just flip
your Layla® Mattress over to the firm side for more support.
*valid for customers who qualify

Flippable Mattress FAQs

  • A flippable mattress is a mattress that comes with two different firmness levels on each side. Sleepers are able to flip their mattress and choose a firmness level that matches their changing needs. Not all mattresses can be flipped. Flipping a traditional innerspring mattress can result in broken springs that squeak and cause discomfort throughout the night, and most spring mattresses are not designed for sleeping on both sides. With a two-sided mattress, you can choose a firmness level that works for you; Whether you prefer a plush, huggy feel, or a firmer surface.

  • Mattresses are an investment in your health and wellness, and that means you want to ensure you choose one that allows you to sleep comfortably for several years. There are several different types of mattresses, with flippable mattresses being one of them. However, flippable mattresses come with several key benefits that others don’t. Some reasons to get a two-sided mattress include:

    • Longevity: After sleeping in the same spot night after night for years, all mattresses will break down and lose their comfort. With a flippable mattress, you’re able to flip your bed to the other side to extend its lifespan and relieve pressure in the area you sleep. This way, you can prevent unevenness that results in poor quality sleep.
    • Comfort: Sleeping preferences change over time, but your mattress doesn’t have to. Buying a new mattress can be expensive, so purchasing a new one when your sleeping preferences change isn’t always feasible. If you prefer a soft sleeping surface for a year or two and then find yourself dreaming of a firmer surface, a flippable mattress allows you to make the switch overnight without having to open up your wallet and buy a new bed.
    • Environmentally friendly: Because a double-sided mattress has a longer lifespan, they don’t need to be replaced as often. Often, mattresses end up in landfills and take decades to break down, which can harm Mother Nature. By investing in a flippable mattress, you can do your part in protecting the planet while getting a good night’s sleep during the process.
    • Even weight distribution: Traditional mattresses, such as innerspring mattresses, are prone to sagging after continued use. Flippable mattresses help improve weight distribution to prevent the mattress from breaking down over time. This way, sleepers can enjoy an even surface that doesn’t push them toward the middle of the bed.

  • The cadence at which you flip your two-sided mattress depends on a few factors. If you have a standard flippable mattress with one firmness level, you can flip it once every few months to keep it in good condition. Some manufacturers may provide instructions on how often you should flip your mattress. If you have a flippable mattress with different firmness levels, such as one of Layla Sleep’s mattresses, when you flip them depends on your preferences. For example, if you’re getting tired of sleeping on a firm surface, you can flip your mattress to the softer side for more comfort.

  • To get the most out of your double-sided mattress, it’s important to know how to flip it correctly. Rather than flipping it 180 degrees, it’s important to rotate it 180 degrees first, then flip it. This way, you can ensure even weight distribution and spread out wear and tear that can occur when sleeping in the same position night after night. Follow these steps when flipping your mattress:

    1. Find a person, such as a partner, friend, or family member, to help
    2. Strip your bedding
    3. Rotate your bed 180 degrees
    4. Grab the handles of the bed or under the side and lift the mattress
    5. Have one partner vacuum and clean while the other holds the mattress upright
    6. Lower the mattress gently onto the other side
    7. Make your bed with new sheets, pillows, and a comforter

  • You don’t need to worry about commitment when it comes to trying out one of Layla’s mattresses. Our memory foam and hybrid mattresses come with a 120-night trial period, so you can see if Layla is the perfect mattress for you. During your trial period, you can try both sides of our flippable mattresses to see if they’re right for you.

  • We provide a lifetime warranty on all materials and workmanship used to create our memory foam flippable mattresses, and a 10 year warranty on our hybrid flippable mattresses. At Layla, we craft mattresses that are built to last, which is why we offer a strong warranty that ensures you get a mattress that stands the test of time. Our mattress warranty covers sagging of more than one inch, loss of mattress height, foam splitting or cracking, and loss of shape. Because the warranty cannot be transferred, secondhand Laylas, counterfeit Laylas, and hand-me-downs are not covered.

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