Firm or soft

Layla Sleep® gives
you options.

Benefits 2 in 1

One side is soft, the other firm.
Flip it to the one that feels best.

The Layla® Mattress comes out of the box with two built-in comfort levels. We call it
flippable firmness, and it’s two chances to make your new memory foam mattress work
for you. You never have to choose between a firm or soft mattress again. The soft side of
Layla® has a firmness level of about 4 out of 10, and the firm side is a 7 out of 10. On the soft
side you’ll get a lush and huggy feel that cradles you while you sleep. Too plush? Just flip
your Layla® Mattress over to the firm side for more support.
*valid for customers who qualify
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