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Why the Layla Pillow is Different.

The Layla Pillow is plush and airy with plenty of loft. You can sleep on our pillow a bazillion times and it will stay fluffy. Crafted from memory foam and Kapok tree fiber fill, the Layla pillow supports delicate necks all night long.
Layla Pillow

We’ve Put Everything
We Know Into This Pillow

Kapok Fill

Resting your head on Kapok is like resting it on a plush, airy cloud. It’s softer and airier than cotton or wool, so you get a better, longer-lasting loft than with a traditional pillow. Mixed with premium, reactive memory foam, our fill cradles your head and neck so you wake up feeling fresh and ready to put your dreams into action.

Copper-infused Cover

The Layla Pillow cover is woven with CuTEC®, a copper infused yarn. Why? CuTEC® is widely used in performance fabrics and clothing to help reduce odor, improve hygiene and can actually help remove and replenish dead skin cells.

100% Natural

Kapok fill is made from the fibers in the seed pods of Kapok Trees. We use Kapok because it’s fluffy, all-natural and free from pesticides and other nasty chemicals typically used in mass crop production. You can sleep peacefully on our pillow, knowing you’ve done the environment a solid.

A Zip to Adjust or Wash

We’ve added a zipper to the cover of the Layla Pillow so you can easily remove fill to adjust the height to suit you, or to give it a wash when you feel the need.

Layla Pillow

Here’s what our customers think.

David S.
Layla Rating
Bought another one
I’ve had my first Layla pillow for about 6months now. It offers really comfortable support for both myself and my partner whilst still feeling very soft and billowy…compared to a normal pillow, I don’t ever want to go back.
Tara B.
Layla Rating
Best Pillow Ever
The Layla Pillow is the best. I am a tall person and I just wasn’t the neck support I needed in a pillow until I purchased the Layla. I would recommend this pillow to anyone who wants to have a great night sleep. Thanks Layla!
Ben T.
Layla Rating
Best in class, great for every situation
I’ve tried 3 other shredded foam pillows in this price range, and this is the best. Equal parts supportive and soft, perfect for propping/leaning up against but also sleeping softly on top of one pillow.
Tatiana C.
Layla Rating
I love this pillow!
Such a great shape. So supportive but not hard like other foam pillows. Just nice and soft and feels great both on my back and on my side.
Layla Partner
Layla Partner
Layla Partner
Layla Partner
Layla Partner

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The Best Pillow for the Best Sleep.

The Layla Pillow is the best way to complete the Layla sleep experience. Giving you the best rest, for the best days of your life.

Others have asked...

We’re glad you asked. The Layla Pillow is a very unique combination of soft and supportive. Our proprietary mix of Kapok fiber and memory foam give you a super plush feel that still supports your head and neck where you need it. We’ve also included a zippered cover for the pillow woven with CuTEC®, so your pillow doesn’t get as gross and nasty as the others. Pillow a little too tall for you? Just open the zipper and remove some fill to get the right feel for you.

Kapok fibers are harvested from the seeds of the Kapok tree, we use Kapok because it’s totally natural and harvested responsibly. We also use Kapok because it’s super light and airy and gives you a high end down-like feel, without having to take out any birds or mow down the forest.

If you’re not satisfied with the pillow for any reason, simply send an email to with your order number and the reason for your return. We’ll then arrange for you to donate your gently used pillow to a local charity. Snap a picture of the donation receipt and send it to us. Once we receive the donation receipt, we will refund you in full. There are no fees deducted from your refund and you will receive 100% of your money back. Shipping fees to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska are non-refundable, but hey, if you live in such a cool place we’re sure you’ll see the glass as half full.

We offer a 5 year warranty on all materials and workmanship. Examples of this may include stitching or seams becoming undone from natural wear, the flattening or changing of the shape of the pillow, or the fading of colors of the Layla Pillow cover. The warranty is non-transferable, so second hand Layla Pillows, black market pillows, and mysterious hand me downs are not covered.

Once you place your order, we get right to work on crafting your pillow which will take 1-3 days. Once shipped, it will take anywhere from 1-4 days to land at your doorstep, depending on where you are. We ship from San Fernando CA, so you can estimate based on your location and once your pillow ships, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number so you can check on it along the way.

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The 120 Night Trial

It’s simple. Purchase a pillow and sleep on it for up to 120 nights. If for any reason you don’t totally love your Layla Pillow, simply return it for a 100% refund -No return fees and no shipping fees are charged for returns. We only ask that you sleep on the pillow for at least 2 weeks before deciding if it’s right for you.

Returns & Refunds

If you have slept on your Layla Pillow for at least two weeks and decided that it’s not the right fit for you, you may initiate a return by emailing us your order number and the reason for your return to:

Free Shipping

Yes. Your Layla Pillow ships for free and is delivered right to your doorstep in the lower 48 states. *There is a flat fee of $20 for shipments to HI, AK, and $40 Canada. Sorry guys, you know the drill. But we’ll still deliver it to your doorstep.

The Layla Warranty

The Layla Pillow 5 year warranty covers defects in material or workmanship. Examples of this may include stitching or seams becoming undone from natural wear, the flattening or changing of the shape of the pillow, or the fading of colors of the Layla Pillow cover within the term of the warranty.



Queen King
Dimension: 18.5″ L x 28.5″ W 18.5″ L x 36″ W
Weight: 4 lbs 5 lbs
Fill: Kapok Fibers | Shredded Memory Foam
Zipper Cover: 66% polyester, 30% viscose, 4% poly/lycra woven with CuTEC Yarn
Manufactured: Made in USA
Trial: 120 Night Trial-100% Money Back Guarantee
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty