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layla love
“I love this mattress.
I’m sorry I waited so long
to get one.” -Beth L.
“…The Layla did a good job of keeping my hips from sinking into the mattress and my spine aligned.”
Maybe it’s the copper, maybe it’s the careful design of the foam layers, but the Layla consistently relieves pain…”
“This is one of the only mattresses that targets those with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.”
Life changingreview
Went from chiropractors and horrific back pain to the best night of sleep I’ve ever had!

Matthew F.

No more pain!review
WOW! Since the first night I have had no pain whatsoever through the night and when I wake up. I’m a side sleeper, and neck and shoulders always hurt before. No more!

Leonard P.

Best mattress ever!review
I love this mattress, I fall asleep faster and wake up with no back pain! I have several slipped discs so this is huge for me! I’m never going to stop using my Layla bed!

Noriko K.

Great sleep, finallyreview
Finally sleeping great through the night, and no more shoulder pain when I wake up. Her side doesn’t move at all when I do. Great mattress!

Seth E.



The main reason why so many people are experiencing pain free sleep on the Layla Mattress is due to the copper infusion. Copper gel infused in the top memory foam layer works to provide more support at deep compression areas resulting in less sinking, better spine alignment, and a more comfortable pain free night’s sleep.


When you lay down on a Layla Mattress, copper gel particles compress together and interact. As more pressure is applied to the particles a firming response is activated in the copper gel. In essence, the copper particles “push back” against each other resulting in more support at deep compression areas around your hips and shoulders and a soft feel everywhere else.

Best Sleepreview
After 10 years of restless sleeping, I finally am sleeping soundly. Using the soft side, it doesn’t push on my fibromyalgia hot spots, but molds around my body without sinking in. Love it!

Ava C.

We Crave our Bed!review
After years of waking up stiff and sore each morning, hardly being able to wait to get out of our uncomfortable bed, we are so happy to be sleeping on our new Layla mattress! We go to bed earlier to seek relief from aches and pains of the day, and climbing out of bed early in the morning is no longer a necessary poison remedy! We love our Layla!

Heather T.

Heaven in a Bedreview
Finally! No hip pain for me and no lower back pain for my husband! I actually look forward to going to bed now!

Lisa Z.

Never Slept Betterreview
Have back and neck issues and this pillow has been the best thing I’ve done in years.

Aaron B.

#1 bed!review
Love this mattress. It is the best one I’ve ever had. It helps so much with the pain I get in my shoulders and hips. (from sleeping on my side).

Natalie F.

Great Mattressreview
I used to wake up with a stiff back and I have not since I got this mattress. Now the firmness of the mattress I really like. I have lower back issues and it supports my lower back really well. I have no complaints!

Melissa M.

A bed so wonderfulreview
A bed so wonderful, I’ll never buy any other!I I’m a curvy, menopausal woman who happens to have rheumatoid arthritis. I figured that I would try Layla because the copper is good for arthritis and night sweats. This. Bed. Is. A. Godsend!! I ALWAYS wake up well rested and pain free! Sleep deprivation gave me symptoms of depression too, and I no longer have that either! Set up was a cinch. Thank you Layla Sleep! You’re such a lifesaver!

Krysty W.

Best sleep ever!review
Best sleep ever!
Hip pain gone! Shoulder pain gone! Love, love, love this mattress!

Ida S.

Are you ready for the best sleep of your life?