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Highya reviews the Layla Mattress - Great Value

Posted By: Layla

The good folks over at Highya LOVE reviewing all sorts of products. They spend two weeks sleeping on a Layla mattress, then HighYa reviews it and tells us what they think in this in-depth mattress review.

Highya reviews the Layla Mattress - Great Value

Big Bang for Your Buck

After two weeks, the reviewer points out how favorably Layla compares to high-end luxury beds.

“Based on the price point, I was shocked at how comfortable this mattress was,” he said. “I assumed that I would have to spend four to five times more in order to get the quality of sleep I did.”

The reviewer points out that he is used to sleeping on a luxury brand and was not expecting much from a bed in a box. However, they sing high praise of the Layla Mattress.

“Based on our research of this product, we rate it extremely high. Our tester noted that both he and his wife felt well-rested in the mornings. He also noted that he fell asleep quicker than he normally does…”

Cool Sleep

As an aside, the reviewer notes how he expected to sleep hotter with a memory foam mattress but they slept much cooler than usual.

“As for temperature comfort, our tester noted that he occasionally sweats when he sleeps, but that both he and his wife did not sweat while sleeping on the Layla. They both felt it was the ideal temperature for a mattress.”

So there you have it. Layla Mattress earns high marks for temperature, value and overall quality from Highya. You can check out even more features of the Layla mattress here.