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Are Weighted Blankets Safe During Pregnancy?

Posted By: Layla

Getting quality sleep while pregnant can be difficult. Not only might you not be able to find a comfortable sleeping position, but you might have aches and pains, such as back pain, along with anxiety about having a child and becoming a parent. Many pregnant women struggle to get quality sleep throughout their entire pregnancy. Because you might be suffering from a lack of sleep, you might have done research into products that can help you sleep more comfortably and reduce your anxiety. You likely came across weighted blankets as a great solution to insomnia during pregnancy in your research.

Are Weighted Blankets Safe During Pregnancy?

Using a weighted blanket during pregnancy is considered safe, and it can help you get quality sleep while reducing pain and anxiety. This article will discuss what weighted blankets are, whether you can use them during pregnancy, the benefits of using weighted blankets while pregnant, and how to choose the best weighted blanket for you. Let’s get started.

What Is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket for sleep is exactly what it sounds like; weighted blankets are blankets with an additional weight that simulates deep touch pressure (DTP) therapy. DTP has been proven to reduce stress and pain while helping you relax for a quality night’s rest to improve sleep quality and quantity. The theory behind weighted blankets is that they may promote melatonin, the sleep hormone, while reducing cortisol, the stress hormone.

Weighted blankets are typically quilts filled with a heavy material to give them their weight. Depending on the type of weighted blanket you purchase, they are typically filled with glass beads, plastic pellets, steel pellets, sand, grain, or pebbles.

Graphic explaining how weighted blankets simulate DPT

Can You Use a Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy?

Weighted blankets are considered safe during pregnancy. Even though weighted blankets have extra weight compared to your average blanket, that weight is evenly distributed across the entire body, so there’s no massive amount of weight that will be on any one area of your body. Since the womb is very protective to keep your baby safe, the additional weight of a weighted blanket won’t harm you or your child.

However, weighted blankets might not be safe for everyone. For example, if you have sleep apnea or circulatory issues, speak with your physician if you have concerns about using a weighted blanket while pregnant. Additionally, you can speak with your doctor about using a weighted blanket to ensure it’s safe for your specific circumstances.

It’s also important to note that weighted blankets are not safe for infants. If you have a small child, do not let them use your weighted blanket even if you are using it together, as it can lead to suffocation. Weighted blankets should only be used by children who are strong enough to pull them off their faces and bodies on their own.

Graphic listing the benefits of using a weighted blanket during pregnancy

What Are the Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket While Pregnant?

Weighted blankets are mainly used to promote relaxation and improve sleep, but they can provide pregnant women with several other benefits. Here are the benefits of weighted blankets you may experience when using a weighted blanket during pregnancy.

Improves sleep quality

Sleep can be difficult to come by when you’re pregnant, especially as your bump grows and you may no longer be able to sleep in your favorite sleeping position. Additionally, pregnancy can come with back pain and heartburn, making it even more difficult to get the rest you need for your health and the health of your baby. Weighted blankets for sleep may help you sleep better by allowing you to calm down before bed. They can also ensure you stay asleep once you fall asleep so you won’t be woken up by stress or pain.

Relieves stress and anxiety

When you’re pregnant, your hormones can make you feel anxious, and so can your worries about the future. Weighted blankets can ease stress and anxiety through DTP stimulation, which can calm down your parasympathetic nervous system to make you feel calmer.

Eases restless leg syndrome

Many pregnant women get restless leg syndrome, which can wake you up in the middle of the night and completely disrupt your sleep. Weighted blankets can help reduce your urge to move your legs at night by easing the stress which may cause it. Additionally, the added weight on your legs can help prevent your legs from moving since there will be something against them to stop them.

Reduces inflammation

Being pregnant comes with a lot of aches and pains, including back and foot pain. A weighted blanket may help reduce inflammation to make laying in bed more comfortable so you can focus on resting instead of being kept up at night by pain.

Produces a calming effect

Weighted blankets can be used to help you feel calm any time of day. Being pregnant can be stressful because you have so much to do before the baby arrives. However, it’s important not to stress yourself out. A weighted blanket can be used while you’re watching television on the couch or reading your favorite book to help you stay calm.

Boosts mood

Pregnancy makes it difficult to be comfortable, which can affect your mood and even increase anxiety. Feeling uncomfortable all day long and not getting enough sleep can make you grumpy and put you in a sour mood. Since weighted blankets can help you feel calmer and get better sleep at night, they can also boost your mood because you’re well-rested enough to feel your best.

Graphic listing factors to consider when choosing a weighted blanket for pregnancy

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket for Pregnancy

If you’ve decided on buying a weighted blanket, you need to know how to choose the best one for you. There are several different types of weighted blankets, so you must choose the one that can help you relax and get the best sleep. Here are factors to consider when choosing a weighted blanket for pregnancy.

  • Weight: The weighted blanket weight should be around 10% of your pre-pregnancy weight to ensure comfort. Depending on your weight, you may have to round up or down. For example, if you weighed 140 lbs before your pregnancy, you can typically choose either a 12 or 15 lb weighted blanket.
  • Materials: Weighted blankets come in a variety of materials. Not only should you choose the blanket fabric, but you’ll also have to consider the type of filling you want. While plastic and steel beads are two of the most affordable options, weighted blankets with glass beads are typically more comfortable because they contour your body better and create less noise when moving around. Additionally, the material might impact how easy it is to clean your weighted blanket. Washing a weighted blanket while you’re pregnant should be easy, so always look for one that’s machine-washable.
  • Breathability: During pregnancy, you might experience hot flashes, so you might be wondering, “are weighted blankets hot?” Some weighted blankets can be hotter than others, depending on their materials. If you’re worried about getting hot, look for a weighted blanket made out of cotton, one of the most breathable fabrics.
  • Price: You can find a weighted blanket for every price point, but you typically get what you pay for. If you want a quality blanket that’s machine washable and durable while also soft and comfortable, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200.
  • Brand: The brand you purchase from will impact the price, along with a lot of other features. It’s always best to buy a weighted blanket from a brand you know and trust to ensure the quality of the blanket.
Description of the Layla weighted blanket

The Layla Weighted Blanket

The Layla Weighted Blanket is ideal for those who are pregnant because it feels like you’re getting a great big hug from a loved one or your pets. The top side of the blanket is made from minky soft fur, while the other side is made of 300 thread-count 100% cotton to ensure breathability while being machine washable.

Additionally, the Layla Weighted Blanket is filled with glass beads to carefully distribute the weight across your entire body to help you get a quality night’s rest without worrying about uneven weight distribution.

Final Notes

Weighted blankets are safe for pregnant women and can provide many benefits, including stress relief and better sleep quality. Being pregnant should be one of the most exciting times of your life, but you need to get the quality sleep you and your baby deserve. Weighted blankets can improve sleep quality while promoting relaxation to ease stress and keep you energized. When shopping for a weighted blanket, make your decision based on your needs, such as breathability and weight, along with machine washability.

The Layla Weighted Blanket can become your favorite blanket while you’re pregnant and beyond by offering exceptional comfort to help you sleep better and feel your best.