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Are Down Comforters Hot?

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Down comforters are popular for bedding because they’re fluffy and soft. However, they’re not always ideal for hot sleepers because they tend to trap heat to keep you warm. Of course, many people use their down comforters year-round. There are many different types of down comforters with different fill powers that can affect how hot they get. However, in general, they’re best for the colder months.

Are Down Comforters Hot?

What Is a Down Comforter?

Down comforters are quilts made with goose and duck feathers. They’re typically made with a cotton outer fabric (known as the shell) and feathers on the inside (known as the fill). So, are down comforters hot? Feathers are meant to keep you warm, just as they would on a duck, or goose, during the cold months. Therefore, down is an insulating fill designed to trap body heat while you sleep.

How Are Down Comforters Made?

There are a few different types of down comforters, including duck down comforters, goose down comforters, and a mixture of both. Meanwhile, if you’re allergic to feathers, you may also try a down alternative comforter, which uses other materials instead of feathers.

Components of a down comforter

The shell of the down comforter is made from either natural or synthetic fibers, with the most popular fabric being cotton. Of course, these fibers must also be tight enough that the features won’t come poking through the comforter, so it’s typically best to have a higher thread count with a tighter weave. While the shells are typically made of cotton, you may also find comforters made from bamboo or other materials.

As we’ve mentioned, the down, or feathers, is the fill of the comforter, and all down comforters have a fill power that determines how much filling is inside, which affects its fluffiness and warmth.

Do Down Comforters Keep You Cool?

You might be wondering, “Are down comforters cool?” Down comforters are designed to insulate your body and trap heat with feathers. Even though the shell may be made of a breathable and cool fabric like cotton, down comforters are not designed to keep you cool. Of course, many types of down comforters are available, including summer down comforters, and some are more breathable than others, but they can be expensive.

Down comforters with less fill power will be more breathable and cool because they contain less filling. Still, because feathers are an insulating material, down comforters, no matter the fill power, are designed to trap heat rather than allow it to escape. Therefore, they do not keep you cool, but can keep you warm if you like to sleep with heavier blankets when your air conditioning is turned up, or, during cold winter months.

What to Consider Before Buying a Down Comforter

While down comforters won’t keep you cool, they have several benefits, including the fact that they’re incredibly comfortable and can keep you warm in the winter. However, since down comforters vary by brand and there’s a wide range of price points, you should consider the following when shopping for a down comforter:

Factors to consider in a down comforter
  • Cost: The higher the quality of the down comforter, the more expensive it will be, especially if you’re looking for hypoallergenic goose down. If you don’t have a large enough budget, you may be stuck with a lower grade down, less fill power, or a combination of duck and goose down.
  • How hot you sleep: Some people sleep hotter than others, while others get cold at night. Down comforters are designed to insulate your body heat, so a down comforter might not be right for you if you’re a hot sleeper. Of course, it also depends on the fill power of the comforter, so you may have to experiment to find the right one for you.
  • Materials used: Down comforters can be made of several materials, including duck or goose down as fill and cotton or other fabrics as the shell. Both duck and goose down can keep you warm, but many people prefer goose down for its insulating power. Additionally, you should consider the thread count and quality of the shell. Since you don’t want feathers flying around your room every time you move your comforter, look for a shell with a higher thread count that’s tightly woven. A higher thread count will also indicate the softness of the outer fabric.
  • Design: You can find a variety of down comforter designs. However, you can also choose to invest in a duvet cover, which offers more options for colors and designs for your bedding. Duvet covers will also protect your comforter and reduce the frequency of washings.
  • Fill power: The fill power describes how much down is in a comforter, and the higher the fill power, the higher the quality. However, the higher the fill power, the more insulating and less breathable the comforter will be. If you sleep warm at night, no matter the season, opt for a lower fill power to ensure you won’t get too hot.
  • Bed size: Always measure your bed before shopping for a down comforter. If you sleep with a pet or a partner who steals the covers at night, opt for a larger size to ensure no one goes without covers at night.
  • Baffle construction: Baffles are used to prevent the down from moving around within the comforter to ensure even fill throughout and prevent cold or hot spots. The better the baffle construction, the higher quality the comforter, offering a more even distribution of fill for comfort and insulation.

Are Down Comforters Good for Summer?

Down comforters are not the best summer blankets because they’re designed to insulate the body by trapping heat. Again, however, it’s a matter of preference. If you prefer to turn the air conditioning up high while you sleep, you might choose a thicker, warmer blanket like a down comforter at night. Meanwhile, those who sleep warm, no matter the season, should avoid down comforters unless they find one that’s breathable and light for summer.

Of course, you can find a down comforter for summer, but it depends on your unique preferences. For example, many people will be too warm using any type of down comforter during the warmer months, but others may enjoy it, depending on their room temperatures.

Solutions to Hot Down Comforters

Since down comforters are designed to keep you warm, you might wonder what to sleep with during the warmer months, especially if you’re a hot sleeper and wake up drenched in sweat. Luckily, there are many options for keeping you cool at night, including:

Factors to consider in a down comforter
  • Down alternative comforters: Down alternative comforters are cool comforters that don’t contain insulating feathers. Instead, they use breathable materials as fill, such as cotton or even bamboo, depending on the comforter. Down alternative comforters can be warm, but they require a much higher fill power to reach the same warmth as down comforters, so they’re a great option for year-round use. Additionally, you can find down alternative comforters in several weights to help you find the perfect bedding for every season.
  • Quilts: Quilts are another great option for hot sleepers because they’re lighter than down and down alternative comforters and offer more breathability. Of course, the materials used in quilts will impact how hot or cool they are. Luckily, most quilts are made of breathable and soft materials like cotton or bamboo.
  • Cotton comforters: Cotton is a breathable material ideal for summer bedding that allows your body heat to escape the blanket rather than trapping it. It’s one of the most popular fabrics for blankets and comforters because it’s affordable yet soft and easy to care for.
  • Air conditioning: Air conditioning at night is one of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting too hot while you sleep. You can also find other ways to keep your room cool at night, such as strategically placing fans around the room for better airflow.
  • Bed sheets: Your bed sheets also impact how hot you get at night, whether or not you’re using a flat sheet under your comforter. Sleeping on top of warm sheets will keep you warm, even if you’re using a breathable comforter. Instead, opt for sheets for hot sleepers that allow your body heat to escape and can help better regulate your temperature in the summer.

How you stay cool at night is a matter of preference. Some people may prefer to sleep with a fluffy comforter no matter what, while others should opt for a thinner quilt or blanket to prevent overheating at night.

Sleep Cool with Layla Sleep

Down comforters are designed to keep you warm, but whether or not they’re hot depends on each person, the temperature of their sleep environment, and their personal preferences. If you’re looking for a comforter that can keep you cool, look for breathable and moisture-wicking materials. Natural fibers like cotton and bamboo are the most breathable and allow your body heat to escape the blanket rather than getting trapped and making you warmer.

Layla down alternative comforter

The Layla Down Alternative Comforter gives you the best of both worlds. Made from 100% cotton, it’s soft and fluffy, and you won’t have to worry about overheating at night. The comforter is wrapped in 300 thread count cotton fabric with a 700-fill power that mimics the characteristics of down feathers and is ideal for all seasons. Additionally, since it doesn’t contain down feathers, it’s hypoallergenic, so everyone can benefit from a lofty, comfortable, and breathable comforter for a better night’s sleep.