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Summer Bedding Ideas & Staying Cool

Posted By: Layla

Getting a good night’s sleep can be tough on hot summer nights. If you’re a hot sleeper, you probably find yourself waking up sweaty during the summer. Fortunately, you can find cool bedding for summer and use tricks to stay cool at night to make it easier to sleep. Finding the right type of bedding and mattress to keep you cool can make all the difference when it comes to sleep quality and how you feel during the day. So, do cooling mattresses work? And why is your memory foam mattress hot in summer? We’ve got answers to all the questions you need to know about creating the best summer bed situation to stay cool.

Summer Bedding Ideas & Staying Cool

What Bedding Is Best for Summer?

Choosing the best summer bedding is one of the most important parts of staying cool while you sleep during the summer. Not only is it important to find the best sheet material for hot sleepers, but you also need to make sure you pick the right pillows and comforter. Breathable bedding is best during the summer since it doesn’t trap in body heat. However, there are other factors to consider too.

Bamboo is a popular material for sheets if you want to stay cool. The difference between bamboo vs. cotton sheets is that bamboo sheets are both cooler to the touch than cotton and capable of absorbing more water. This means your body can release more heat throughout the night to stay cool, plus your sweat will be absorbed by your sheets as you sleep.

Best Breathable Bedding Fabric for summer

It’s best to avoid heavier materials such as cotton and flannel when it comes to summer bedding. These materials aren’t as breathable as bamboo and other lightweight bedding materials, plus they don’t provide the sweat absorption you need during the summer.

Of course, choosing the right material is only part of the battle. You can find more summer bedding ideas with a quick Google search, but you might want to consider shedding a few layers of bedding. Just removing a thin blanket or flat sheet can help you stay cooler at night without switching to a new type of bedding.

Keeping Your Pillow Cool

A warm pillow is one of the biggest summer sleep problems, but there are ways to combat the heat and sleep soundly at night. Of course, you can flip your pillow to the cool side, but that’s a temporary solution that requires waking up several times throughout the night. Instead, you should look for a pillow that helps you stay cool and pair it with a breathable pillowcase.

Breathable pillowcases are a huge part of keeping your pillow cool at night. If you’re looking for summer bedding ideas to help you stay cool, bamboo pillowcases are a smart choice. Bamboo is breathable and cool to the touch, plus it’s more absorbent than cotton. If you want to stay even cooler at night, you can keep a pillowcase in the freezer to wrap around your pillow before you go to bed.

Cooling pillows are also a great way to keep your head cool at night. The Layla Sleep® Kapok pillow is infused with copper to help keep your head cool at night so you can sleep soundly. A plush, airy feel gives you total comfort, while the breathable fabric allows for plenty of airflow. Plus, the copper fabric of the Layla pillow is antimicrobial, so your pillow stays cleaner throughout the summer.

How to Keep Your Pillow Cool

There are also a few tricks you can use to keep your pillow cool at night. If you’ve got a reusable gel cooling pack you can place that under your pillow covers to stay comfortable while you sleep. Running a humidifier is another great way to keep your pillow and room cool at night, even without summer bedding. Anything you can do to keep your pillow cool so you don’t have to flip it repeatedly throughout the night will be a huge help.

Using a Bedside Fan

Sleeping with a bedside fan can be a good way to stay cool at night too. While fans won’t help lower your room to the best temperature for sleep, the breeze can help you feel cooler at night. Fans help cool you down through evaporation, but there are also some potential downsides to sleeping with a fan on at night.

If sleeping with a bedside fan is causing problems or not keeping you cool enough, you can try positioning a pedestal or tower fan several feet away. Some people may need a more powerful fan to sleep, or even a window open in combination with a fan. For others, having a fan right next to the bed is too much. Try adjusting the angle of your fan and trying out a few different fans if you’re having trouble.

The noise of a fan is also something to consider if you’re sleeping with a bedside fan. Some people love sleeping with white noise, while a noisy fan keeps others up at night.

Pros of Sleeping with a Bedside Fan

  • Fans keep you cool at night, especially with a window open
  • Improved air circulation keeps your room from getting stuffy
  • White noise can help you fall asleep and sleep soundly throughout the night
Pros and Cons of sleeping with a Bedside Fan

Cons of Sleeping with a Bedside Fan

  • The constant airflow of a fan can lead to congestion and throat irritation
  • Because fans move dust and other contaminants around your room, they can worsen allergies
  • White noise can help you fall asleep and sleep soundly throughout the night.

What Is a Summer Comforter?

During the winter, it’s important to have a good comforter that keeps you warm no matter how cold it gets outside. When summer rolls around, you need a comforter that’s cool to the touch and allows your body heat to escape. A good summer comforter is essential for every hot sleeper, but it’s something a lot of people are
missing in their bedding set.

Down comforters are a popular choice for staying cool during the summer because they’re lightweight and breathable. For a more affordable solution, down alternative comforters also work. The Layla Down Alternative Comforter is designed to offer the best breathability in a soft, lightweight package. The hexagon design helps keep the fill even so you don’t have hotspots during the night.

The Layla Down Alternative comforter

Cooling weighted blankets are also a popular choice during the summer. Weighted blankets make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep, especially when you sleep with one that’s made from breathable materials. As a matter of fact, some people even report weighted blanket weight loss from sleeping cooler at night. Sleeping cooler has been proven to help burn calories and assist with weight loss.

For the most part, finding a good summer comforter is all about the materials used. Some materials are hotter than others, so finding the best summer bedding means choosing cooling materials such as bamboo. Of course, you should also consider removing some of the layers of bedding from your bed if you have trouble staying cool during the summer.

What Can I Use Instead of a Duvet in the Summer?

During the winter, duvets are a great way to stay warm and get a good night’s sleep. Duvets are designed to fit inside a cover, which keeps them from getting dirty and provides a little extra warmth. The problem is a duvet inside a duvet cover is a little too hot for summer, especially for people who already get too hot at night.

If you normally sleep with a duvet throughout the year, switching to a light quilt is a great way to stay cool at night. In addition to the thickness of the quilt, it’s also important to choose the right material. Cotton and bamboo are both solid choices for a breathable blanket, but try to avoid flannel.

You can also find lightweight duvets that are made to keep you cooler at night, as well as thin down alternative comforters. Instead of suffering through the summer heat, do some research to find a blanket that works for you.

Key Takeaways

There are numerous ways you can get a better night’s sleep during the summer, especially if you’re a hotsleeper. If opening a window and running a fan at night isn’t getting the job done, it’s time to invest in cool bedding for summer.

Lucky for you, Layla Sleep has all the bedding you need to create the perfect summer bed. Our bamboo sheets are breathable, cool, and soft, and paired with our cooling pillow, they make the perfect duo. The Layla Down Alternative Comforter keeps you cool without sacrificing softness, thanks to the hexagon quilt pattern. And if that’s still not enough to help you sleep at night, the Layla Memory Foam Mattress provides the perfect combination of comfort and cooling for hot summer nights. If you’re having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep due to the summer heat, invest in summer bedding and try some of these tricks to beat the heat.