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"Cool Memory Foam, Bro" 3 Ways to Turn Down the Temp on Hot Memory Foam.

Posted By: Layla

Do you love cool memory foam, but hate "the warm hug of death"? You are not alone. People that love memory foam agree that their main complaint is usually the warm temperatures on a hot summer's night.

"Cool Memory Foam, Bro" 3 Ways to Turn Down the Temp on Hot Memory Foam.

It turns out that the greatest feature of memory foam is also its weakness. When compressed, memory foam can get warm and sweaty. Superman, meet Kryptonite. Here’s the good news, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hot stays hot, cool stays cool

Nothing cradles the body quite like memory foam. It’s unique bubbly matrix structure cradles and supports while providing incredible comfort. As those shapes conform to the contours of your body, the small air pockets collapse and trap airflow. So the areas that compress and mold to your shape become the areas that trap temperature and fail to breathe. This may be fantastic in the winter, but if you sleep warm, this can be very frustrating. If you want the benefits of memory foam, but you don’t love the idea of hot memory foam, don’t lose hope. There are a few things you want to look for. Specifically, you want a bed that addresses 1) airflow and 2) insulation/conductivity.

1. Conductive Materials are Totally Cool

Look for materials incorporated into your bed that will help draw heat away from your body. Since Memory Foam is such an effective insulator, you need to balance it with a temperature conductor. We’ve added copper-infused micro-beads into our memory foam. If you open the cover you can see the minute particles. When the memory foam compresses these particles form a thermal superhighway and draw heat away from the body. While a lot has been said about the healing properties of copper. We think its conductivity is its coolest feature.
If your memory foam doesn’t have cool materials embedded in it. Try adding a breathable mattress cover made of linen or natural wool. Our beds come with a TermaGel (TM) infused cover which really wicks away the warm temperatures on hot nights.

2. Cool Memory Foam Goes With The Flow

Airflow is one of the most important features in keeping your memory foam cool. By itself, memory foam doesn’t breath very well, so look for a bed that provides some of that breathing for you. Airflow allows for two things. First, the mattress can cool while you sleep. Second, airflow allows for evaporative cooling. If your natural perspiration evaporates you feel cooler. IF it doesn’t get a chance to escape, you end up in a soupy broth of your own making. Mastering airflow will keep you sleep nice and cool. Our Layla Mattresses are built with a convoluted layer INSIDE the bed to allow air to pass through the foam layers.

3. Cool Memory foam needs some support.

Setting your hot memory foam bed on a cool plank of wood may not be that cool. The best bet for a memory foam bed is a structural platform that allows air to pass under and through your bed. Letting your bed breathe with a good foundation will keep the flow going and allow you both to breathe easy. Our solid spruce foundation is built with structural ventilation to allow air to pass through. Add a bed frame to get your bed off of the ground and allow a little more airflow under the foundation and through your bed.

There are other things you can do to sleep cooler, like running a fan in your bedroom, keeping the temperature between 68º-70º, and making sure you choose breathable sheets, like linen or cotton. Picking the right mattress made with conductive materials, that allow for airflow is the most important step on sleeping cool with memory foam.