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Layla CEO Interview with Tuck

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From - We had the pleasure of chatting with the CEO of Layla Sleep, Akrum Sheikh, about the company’s rapid growth, expanding product line, and the evolution of the mattress space. Check out our conversation below and learn more about what they have to offer.

Layla CEO Interview with Tuck

Q: “Introduce yourself and give us a brief history of your involvement in the world of mattresses/sleep products.”

A: “My name is Akrum Sheikh. Though my family is originally from New Jersey, I was raised in southern Connecticut. I basically grew up in the furniture and mattress world. My father was in the furniture retail business, and I would spend my weekends/summers in the showrooms, warehouse, and office. I had one year left in my undergrad when I dropped out of college and went to work in the family business full time. I started off a salesman on the floor. From there I became sales manager, buyer, and eventually operations manager. But the most valuable lessons I learned was during my time on the showroom floor…”

Q: “Layla started in May of 2016 and seems to have exploded since then. Can you tell us a bit about how you were able to see this kind of growth in an increasingly crowded vertical?”

A: “The product speaks for itself. Layla’s explosive growth has been directly related to the overwhelmingly positive reviews the product has received from customers and online product reviewers. We’ve realized that a huge portion of our success can be attributed to our customers raving about what a great night’s sleep they’re getting from their Layla mattress on facebook and other social media platforms….Word of mouth has been our number one marketing channel…”