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How to Find the Best Luxury Dog Beds

Posted By: Layla

Everyone agrees their dogs deserve the best napping and sleeping spot in the entire house. Your dog likely spends a lot of time sleeping, whether it's at night or during the day while you're at work. Dogs love to sleep, and it's a great way for them to pass the time while they're waiting for you to come home. While your dog may love curling next to you in bed, sometimes they might just want to spend some time alone. Finding a dog bed that your dog will want to sleep in may be difficult since each dog has their own personality and preferences.

How to Find the Best Luxury Dog Beds

Finding the best luxury dog bed for your furry friend doesn’t have to be difficult. This article will explain how you can find the best luxury dog beds that even you will be jealous of.

What to Look for in Luxury Dog Beds

Many dog bed options are available, especially if you choose to shop online. It can be difficult to find the right bed for your pet with so many choices, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Luckily, finding a dog bed requires the same considerations when you’re shopping for a memory foam mattress for yourself.

Here’s more information on what to look for in luxury dog beds so you can truly spoil your pup.

qualities of pet beds

1. Materials

Materials used in luxury dog beds are typically much higher quality than the materials you’ll get in a standard dog bed. For example, you can find dog beds made from memory foam for your dog that match the contours of their body to relieve joint pain, provide comfort, and help them sleep soundly at night. Additionally, you may need to look for hypoallergenic bedding, especially if your pet suffers from any type of allergies.

2. Quality

As we’ve already mentioned, luxury dog beds are higher-quality pet beds that can keep your dog comfortable, even if they have a painful medical condition like hip dysplasia. Of course, the quality of the dog bed will depend on the materials used, so it’s always best to do your homework and look at the materials used. This includes researching the inside materials the pet bed uses for comfort, along with the materials used on the outside of the bed that ensure durability and additional comfort.

3. Brand

Different brands use higher quality materials and are known for their mattresses, including dog beds. Even if you don’t know a brand name offhand, you can still look at reviews online to ensure the brand you purchase from is trustworthy and uses high-quality, safe materials for pets. For instance, the Layla Pet Bed uses the same materials as our memory foam mattress, so when you’re shopping for a bed for yourself, you don’t have to worry about choosing the best dog bed for your best friend; you can get them a matching bed that’s just like yours.

4. Comfort

The main reason you want to get your dog a bed is for comfort. While there’s always going to be debate around the topic of should your dog sleep in your bed, you can ensure they’re comfortable whether they’re sleeping in your bed or in their very own space. Comfort is key, especially if you have a senior dog or a dog with mobility or pain issues. Additionally, you might choose to raise or lower your dog’s bed to ensure they can get into it easily.

5. Durability

Durability is key when shopping for a dog bed. Dogs instinctively dig at any spots where they’re going to lie down, so you don’t want to purchase a bed that your dog’s nails will destroy. Additionally, if your pet has high energy, they might want to play in their bed, which means they might be moving around, getting crumbs in it, and some even like to use their teeth to drag their beds around the house.

durable dog bed

Finally, you should always look for a pet bed made with strong materials to ensure it will maintain its integrity, comfort, and shape no matter what your pet does to it. Remember, some dogs, especially young dogs who are still in training, may want to tear up their beds (just like everything else), so you’ll want to choose something that’s heavy-duty and scratch-resistant but still comfortable.

6. Machine Washability

Your pet is going to make a mess in their bed, no matter what you do, so it’s always best to choose a luxury dog bed that’s machine washable so you can keep it clean no matter what mess your dog makes. Washing your dog’s bed should be as easy as washing clothes. Additionally, it’s important to wash your dog’s bed regularly because they can track in dirt, bugs, crumbs from treats, bones, and more that can make it less comfortable and prone to germs and odors. If you already know how often to wash a comforter, consider washing your dog’s bed just as frequently.

7. Extra Features

While some dog beds come with the standard features and styles, others have extra features your dog might love. Luxury dog beds typically come with memory foam, heating or cooling, removable covers, and different styles for different sleeping positions and needs. For example, you may be able to find a dog bed that’s covered to help your dog find relief from anxiety when you have company over.

8. Size

You should always try to find the right size for your pet but consider their favorite sleeping position. Some dogs like to sleep in a donut shape, while others enjoy splaying out on their backs. If the bed you get your dog is too big or too small, your pet may not find it comfortable enough, and they may never use it. You can measure your pet to get a rough idea of how large or small their luxury dog bed should be before purchasing.

What Are the Benefits of Luxury Dog Beds?

Luxury dog beds come with many benefits to help your pup sleep better and get that quality alone time they need. Here are some of the reasons you should choose a luxury dog bed for your furry friend:

benefits of dog bed
  • Improves sleep quality: The higher quality of the bed, the better your dog will sleep, allowing them to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated for the next day.
  • Reduces joint pain: Beds made of memory foam can reduce joint pain in dogs, which can help those suffering from hip dysplasia sleep more comfortably.
  • Supports back, hips, and neck: Luxury dog beds are designed to support your dog’s body and can help prevent unnecessary pain from sleeping.
  • Helps elderly dogs: Elderly dogs need comfort and support, which they can get from a luxury dog bed made from high-quality materials.
  • Longer-lasting: Again, you get what you pay for when it comes to dog beds, so the higher quality the materials, the longer the dog bed will last. Longer-lasting dog beds mean less money spent on replacements. This is especially important for dogs who need durable beds because they like to dig.
  • Reduces waste: Because luxury dog beds are better quality than standard beds, you won’t have to buy as many over time, which can help reduce waste and save money.

The Layla Pet Bed

Are you looking for a luxury dog bed your dog will love? Then check out the Layla memory foam pet bed. This mattress for pets is made from the same Flippable Firmness, copper-infused materials of Layla’s regular memory foam beds, so your dog will get a high-quality mattress, just like you.

layla pet bed

With the flippable firmness, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s picky sleeping preferences. Instead, they’ll have comfort options so you can experiment and find the one they like most. These pet beds are also durable and easily washable so your furry friend won’t destroy their bed when they play in it or dig at it.

Luxury Dog Bed FAQs

How much do luxury dog beds cost?

Luxury dog beds are available at just about any price point, but you should expect to spend at least $100 to ensure you’re getting the highest quality materials for your furry friend. Prices will go up the larger the bed. Additionally, higher-quality materials will cost more, but they’re worth it to ensure your dog is happy and healthy.

Should I just keep buying inexpensive dog beds?

Buying inexpensive dog beds means replacing them every few months or at least once a year because they’re made in low-quality materials that don’t last. Additionally, continuing to purchase these low-quality dog beds can be detrimental to your dog’s health and hurt their body because they’re sleeping on something with limited or no support. It’s also wasteful and harmful to the environment to continue to purchase dog beds knowing you’re going to throw them away in just a couple of months.

What’s the difference between luxury dog beds and standard dog beds?

Luxury dog beds might look like standard dog beds, but not all dog beds are created equally. Here are a few differences between the two options:

  • Material: Standard dog beds use lower-quality materials, which means less comfort for your pet, and the bed can easily be destroyed by digging or playing.
  • Style: If you want your dog’s bed to match your home decor, it’ll be difficult to find a standard dog bed. Luxury dog beds are designed to match your home while keeping your dog comfortable.
  • Comfort: Standard dog beds may not be as comfortable for your pet, especially if they have joint pain. Luxury dog beds use higher quality materials, including memory foam, to ensure your pet is comfortable.

Wrapping Up: Choosing a Luxury Bed for your Dog

There are many pros and cons of your dog sleeping in your bed, but sometimes your pet might just want a little alone time or additional space where they don’t have to worry about sharing with you. All pets deserve their own beds so they don’t have to nap on the floor or share mattress space with humans.

A luxury dog bed can also be a safe space for pets with anxiety to make them feel calmer and more comfortable. Luxury dog beds cost more than your standard dog bed, but they ensure your dog will stay cozy, happy, and healthy no matter which room they choose to snooze.