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Better Sleep for a Better Life

Posted By: Layla

When you sleep better, not only do you live longer, you also live a better quality of life too.  The quality of your sleep has a pretty big impact on the quality of your waking life. By now you have seen a million ads with fluffy pillows and luxurious beds with feather duvets, but a good bed isn't just about the 8 hours you spend sleeping. How you sleep directly affects how you spend the other 16 hours of the day.

Better Sleep for a Better Life

Better Life

Evidence continues to pile up connecting better sleep to improved quality of life. And according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, normal sleepers (logging 6-8 hours of sleep) were also significantly less depressed. The article entitled “The Good Life” had a few more important things to say. The few people that reported to be in “perfect health” reported sleeping 7-8 hours and reported less depression.

Among patients who reported having perfect health, there were a higher percentage of normal sleepers, who also had significantly lower scores for depression severity compared to short and long sleepers with perfect health.

It’s interesting to note that those who sleep too much no longer get the benefits of the right amount of sleep.

Longer life

Study after study shows a direct link between sleeping better and living longer (It’s even been mentioned it quite a few news stories). Times magazine even went so far as to say this:

Studies of people whose sleep sessions are irregular or short show they are at higher risk of developing diseases that can lead to early death, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

We’ve even poked fun at the concept in this video:

But beyond the funny video, lay a mountain of evidence. And better sleep doesn’t just make your life longer, improved sleep quality may lead to improved quality of life.

Better Ability to Cope

So, you may not be in “perfect health” like some of the study participants. But better sleep also helps people suffering from a variety of ills to cope better. Sleeping affects your cognitive performance, that is, your ability to make important decisions, to deal with stress, and remember long-term and short-term information. If you are constantly forgetting, and making questionable decisions. You may not be getting older, you are just getting sleepier. Look at it this way, it is incredibly difficult for your mind to cope with a variety of conditions, from sadness to clinical depression, from daily stress to major stressors. When your brain is functioning at half capacity, the depressions deepen, the mistakes worsen, and the little stresses can take us over the edge.

Better Relationships

Not only can sleep help your life, it can help you in your relationships too. According to Psychology Today, your quality of life affects your ability to process emotions and connect with other people. And it’s not just the amount of sleep, but the quality of sleep that makes a difference. Even if you seem to get a full night, if you are waking up constantly, you are probably not getting into REM sleep. Your body might be rested, but your mind is missing that key stage of sleep that helps the brain reset and deal with stress, emotion and take care of that subconscious mental maintenance that is so vital for our sleep. Do you remember your last dream? If you haven’t been dreaming, then you probably haven’t been getting enough REM sleep.

Sleep Better with a Better Bed

Yeah, we are going to talk about beds, that’s why we do this. It keeps us up nights, seriously. We want to make the world a better place, we want to make people have the lives they deserve, and the key to a better life is better sleep. That is why we created the Layla bed. We tackled firmness issues with a bed with a soft side and a firm side so you can find your right support level. We tool all of the advantages that come with memory foam and made it cooler with heat wicking copper infused gel beads in the foam, and cooling gel in the mattress cover itself.

Review after review rate the Layla as one of the top mattresses in the market. We have tried to make the best bed possible, not so you can enjoy your 8 hours of sleep, but so you can enjoy whatever you do during the other 16 hours. Whether you like to hang with your family, get out and explore the world, or even explore your own backyard. We believe you will enjoy your adventures more, wherever they may be when you have had a full nights rest on your Layla bed.


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